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9 My Little Pony DIYs To Fix Your Season 3 Blues

Since when is season three already over? Cure your pony hangover with one of these projects fit only for the Friendship Is Magic-obsessed.

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3. Play Dress Up With Your New Pinkie Pie: Make Her a Tutu Gala Dress / Via

She has to look perfect for the Grand Galloping Gala! There are also instructions for a winter cape and boots, to keep Pinkie warm for the rest of February. Directions here, further down the page.

4. Follow in the Footsteps of Friendship at the Grocery Store / Via

I can't find a tutorial for these awesome shoes, but it looks like they're made with these figurines. My best guess: find a great pair of platforms, grab some super glue, a few sets of the figurines, and some plastic gemstones and go nuts.

8. Use Martha Stewart's Etching Technique to Drink from Cutie Mark Glasses / Via

Martha shows you how here. You'll have to make your stencils in the shape of cutie marks by custom-cutting your papers without the help of a pretty punch. Option two: buy them here on Etsy.


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