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    22 Pretty Things To Make With Thumbtacks

    You can stick them in anything that isn’t living, or cover them with something pretty. Budget crafters will especially appreciate.

    1. Make a Shiny Door Wreath / Via

    Wreaths: not for the holidays anymore. Just change out the ribbon to fit the season. Find the how-to here.

    Paint Them Pastel Colors / Via

    These are colorblocked, so they’re doubly stylish. The polka dots might require a tiny brush. Directions here.

    2. Knock Off Designer Shoes / Via

    Find the cheapest pair of platforms you can find, and hoard 600 thumbtacks. Directions here.

    Bling Out Your Candles / Via

    You could bedazzle them with your initials instead of leaves, since it's not fall anymore. Find out how here.

    5. Put Your Favorite Quote on a Canvas / Via

    You can paint the background your favorite color, or cover it with a fabric first. Directions here.

    6. Turn a Boring Mirror Into a Sunburst Mirror / Via

    Fifteen minutes and six dollars. Well, the thumbtack part. But it works if you have a mirror already attached to some cork board. Directions here.

    7. Personalize Your Wooden Chairs / Via

    Using a printed stencil to mark out the holes first works wonders. Find the how-to here.

    8. Make IKEA Look Expensive / Via

    Two Lack tables and a few hundred thumbtacks later, you have a customized studded side table. Directions here.

    9. Fill That Empty Vase / Via

    They look a little like scales, but the summer squash colored paint fixes that problem. Directions here.

    10. Pretend Styrofoam Cones are Christmas Trees / Via

    It’s a bit out of season, but you can never be too prepared. Somewhat self-explanatory directions here.

    11. Monogram a Chevron Canvas / Via

    Because you need to put your personal brand (and chevrons) on everything. Everything. Directions here.

    12. Cover Them in Fabric / Via

    You finally have a use for those cute scraps you couldn’t pass up at the fabric store last weekend. Directions here.

    13. Go Gaga-Style With Your Bra / Via

    Still not over that Telephone music video? Make something shiny to go under those chiffon shirts you're going to wear all summer.

    14. Decorate For The Holidays, or Because It's Pretty / Via

    Leftover yarn? These ornaments solve your problem. Directions here.

    15. Paint Them With Your Leftover Polish / Via

    Sticking the tacks into a used roll of tape keeps them stable. You probably have all of the supplies you need already. Directions here.

    16. Stick Doilies To Your Wall / Via

    You could even use the tacks you just painted with nail polish, so they have brightly colored centers.

    17. Transform Them Into Little Flowers / Via

    Then you can stick them anywhere for instant decorative prowess. Directions here.

    18. Gild Fake Gourds / Via

    You could also use apples, or any other fake fruit your craft store has lying around. Directions here.

    19. Make a Statement Desk Decoration / Via

    There’s not much point in this globe once you cover up all the cool map stuff, but it’s shiny. By the same DIY-er as above gourds. Directions here.

    20. Pretend that You’re Lilly Pulitzer / Via

    Or whatever designer whose catalogs and bags you hold onto. You could also use any pretty paper you find. Directions!

    21. Play with Humongous Typography / Via

    You just have to decide what you want it to say, first. Then figure out how to get it sketched on the wall. Directions here.

    22. Cover Them With Washi Tape / Via

    A little obligatory. But still pretty. Directions here.

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