8 heterosexual white people who also probably deserved a best acting nod.

The controversy around the ever increasingly arbitrary awards designed to force people into theatres in a quiet spending period has ramped up a notch this year. The arguments for both sides seem fairly valid: Statistically, do the nominations over the past ten years or so skew radically enough to be considered racist? Probably not. Has the Academy overlooked some stunning artistic performances by people of colour, even though slots were left unfilled? Definitely yes. Does this make the Academy inherently racist? Maybe. Do we think it was intentionally malicious racism? I’m betting no. Can we probably put this down to an inherent and possibly subconscious societal issue with race that many previously predominantly racist and racially in-diverse communities are still tackling? I’m guessing that might be closer to the truth. If anything can be said of the uproar, warranted or not, you cannot really stigmatise people for seeking equality where they feel there is none, if that is their true motive and understanding. With all that being said, we can’t deny the nods that have been given. They’re all great performances for sure, and we can’t deny those who are calling for nominations for “Straight Outta Compton”,”The Hateful Eight”, “Dope”, “Concussion”, “Creed”, “Beasts of No Nation” or “Tangerine”, as for the most part, so are they, but just in case anybody reading is especially easily offended and hasn’t waxed lyrical about the issue of white-privilege enough for the day; here are eight Oscar-worthy performances by heterosexual white people that were released in 2015.

Ted Cullen • 2 years ago

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Most students today find financial support from the hard working British tax-payer in the form of government funded student loans, but what if a student were to save every penny of their student income for one big splash? The NUS, helpfully sets out some solid guidelines for a student’s annual budget in its “costs of study and living” page, but basically, given a maximum income in grant and loans, minus the average rent, a by-semesterly delivery of 10kg of Basmati rice at £14.36 and a whole lot of stinging, housemate “borrowing” and extremely one-sided car-pooling when it comes to unimportant things like insurance, household goods and travel, we’re left with a tidy cheque for £3872.92. Below are a few tips on where to best invest that hard earned cash...

Ted Cullen • 3 years ago