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    • TuckerPreston

      I think if you read the title you’d realize this is for every theme park, not just Disney. I’ve had friends who have worked at Hershey and Universal, these kinds of jobs take a toll on you because literally EVERYONE expects more than they deserve and you just have to deal with it. If you’ve ever had to work directly with customers (like even a fast food place or grocery store like I have) you’d understand. If you don’t want to get made fun of, don’t be an ass. That’s how the whole damn world works.

    • TuckerPreston

      Haha these are all dumb, and whoever wrote the article obviously has impossible expectations… like the people we hate at Hershey who ask for “the chocolate river”
      These can all be summed up by one simple word: guests. 1) It is just as fast when there’s a half an hour wait for a monorail. 2) No shit it’s actually a fingerprint scanner, why else would they do it? It’s to keep people from stealing your ticket 3) It’s THE castle that everyone comes to see, everyone and their pet wants a picture of it. It’s like the Sistine Chapel 4) There’s shade, but everyone else has found it first 5) *See 4* 6) Fast passes are genius ideas that help guests wait somewhere else. The only people who are angry are those stupid enough to wait in the standby line. Furthermore, you new to pay $70 for fast passes at Universal 7) *See 3* 8) Again, it’s because everyone in the park thinks it’d be a good idea to walk through, so there’s no way to enjoy it. 9) Not true, the rides do remarkably well considering how many fat-asses demand it’s use 24/7 10) True, why is this a problem? 11) Only because guests feed them when they’re not supposed to 12) It’s better than waiting through a normal rope without shade… Remember any other park you’ve been in? 13) It’s all about saving space so guests have room to walk elsewhere in the park 14) No SHIT! Of course characters can’t just roam the park! You’d never get a good pic with them, guests would cut in front of you and terrorize the characters from all sides. 15) Why not go for water? You know, the stuff that keeps us alive and makes up 70-odd percent of our bodies? 16) Guests don’t listen… If you don’t pay attention to instructions it’s your fault

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