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    18 Secrets Theme Park Employees Will Never Tell You

    We will lie to your family.

    1. You've gotten so used to pointing with two fingers that you even do it when you're not working.

    2. You can't help but roll your eyes after every fake smile you give to a guest.

    My Damn Channel / Via

    3. You've expertly mastered the "I'm cleaning up vomit, but it really doesn't smell that bad" face.

    Warner Bros. / Via

    4. You've created special hand signals with your co-workers so you can make fun of guests behind their backs.

    5. Your favorite part of every morning shift is having some quality time with the attraction before the park opens.

    6. You're constantly making up lies to tell guests about why your attraction isn't working because you honestly never know why.

    Universal / Via

    "...brief delay in operations..."

    7. You have the music from your venue stuck in your head almost every night as you try to fall asleep.

    NBC / Via

    8. You go to work every day knowing you'll probably see a couple attempt to have sex on your ride.

    NBC / Via

    Everything in the park is under video surveillance, so if you think we're not watching...we defintely are.

    9. You have no sympathy for guests when they put their safety at risk to take ridiculous photos on your ride.

    10. You've made a rude guest wait even longer for the next ride because they never stopped complaining.

    11. You've definitely looked away when a guest dropped their food so you could avoid being the one to accommodate them.

    New Line Cinema / Via

    12. You have permanent tire marks on your shoes thanks to electric scooters.

    homebrew901 / CC / Via Flickr: homebrew901

    13. You drink so much water in the summertime that you need to take 10+ bathroom breaks within an hour.

    Disney/Pixar / Via

    14. You've prayed for it to rain before a shift so the park would be empty and no guests would bother you.

    15. You've come into work hoping your attraction breaks down so you can get paid to do nothing all day.

    16. You feel like a celebrity when guests take pictures of you.

    HarshLight / CC / Via Flickr: harshlight

    17. You've sweet-talked a senior co-worker so you could get assigned a better shift.

    http://d.k.peterson / CC / Via Flickr: kungaloosh

    18. And you'll never understand why people enjoy eating theme park food so much.

    dawnmichele / CC / Via Flickr: dawnmichele

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