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18 Secrets Theme Park Employees Will Never Tell You

We will lie to your family.

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1. You've gotten so used to pointing with two fingers that you even do it when you're not working.

5. Your favorite part of every morning shift is having some quality time with the attraction before the park opens.

8. You go to work every day knowing you'll probably see a couple attempt to have sex on your ride.

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Everything in the park is under video surveillance, so if you think we're not watching...we defintely are.


9. You have no sympathy for guests when they put their safety at risk to take ridiculous photos on your ride.

10. You've made a rude guest wait even longer for the next ride because they never stopped complaining.

14. You've prayed for it to rain before a shift so the park would be empty and no guests would bother you.

15. You've come into work hoping your attraction breaks down so you can get paid to do nothing all day.