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    19 Gifts For People Who'd Rather Be Sleeping Right Now

    Everything you need for some AMAZING sleep.

    1. A digital timer that'll cut off your lamp and other devices without having to lift a single finger.

    2. A sleek sleep mask to help reduce eye puffiness while blocking harsh light that can ruin your rest.

    3. A moisturizing jar of The Body Shop Drops of Youth Sleeping Mask that’s enriched with Edelweiss plant stem cells to leave you with a refreshed morning glow once you rise.

    4. A glowing stars kit to try counting yourself back to slumber if your snoozing gets interrupted.

    5. A set of headband headphones so you can go to sleep listening to your favorite tunes — and NOT have to worry about a midnight fight with your earbud wires.

    6. A bottle of Now Foods lavender oil to add to your diffuser to ease your mind before calling it a night.

    7. A rejuvenating rosehip oil night serum filled with restorative ingredients that'll help you sleep your way to an amazing glow.

    8. A set of gel moisturizing gloves and socks to leave your hands and feet feeling oh-so luxurious.

    9. A body pillow great for relieving the discomfort and pain that can disrupt sleep during pregnancy.

    10. A Wave sleep sound machine to transport you to Dreamland with the lovely sounds of nature.

    11. A cool-mist humidifier for adding moisture to the air, keeping your skin hydrated while also serving double duty as a night light.

    12. A travel pillow that'll keep your neck supported while grabbing some ZZZs during your next flight.

    13. A Lutron wireless dimmer kit so you can cut ALL the lights in your room — or whole darn house — off and on with the simple push a button.

    14. A comfy set of pajamas — they'll keep you feeling super cute for your date with some dreams.

    15. A set of cotton sheets perfect for snuggling up in your bed without feeling itchy and annoyed.

    16. A case of Pukka Night Time tea that’ll have you knocked out in no time.

    17. A Phillips Wakeup Light clock — it simulates the sunrise to gradually wake you up before your alarm goes off, providing a less traumatic wake up call than your loud-ass alarm clock ever could.

    18. A monogrammed bedside carafe so you won’t have to leave the comfort of your bed for a late-night glass of water.

    19. A set of twinkling curtain string lights for making your room just as magical as your dreams.

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