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    23 Pretty Things For Your Home That'll Make People Think You're A Professional Decorator

    Your home is about to become totally Pinterest-worthy.

    1. A darling set of metal trunks with rose-gold hardware that can be used for storage as well as function as a nightstand or end table.

    2. A tufted accent chair with a matching ottoman so you'll be able to kick up your feet like royalty.

    3. A charming area rug that'll immediately pull together any room in your home.

    4. A pretty set of flatware you may have to make sure your besties don’t “borrow” for their own homes.

    5. A vintage-style vanity that'll be the main attraction in your bedroom.

    6. A mirrored decorative tray for displaying jewelry, coffee table books, photo frames, candles, or any other items in the most glamorous way.

    7. A gorgeous metal bed frame to bring a little rustic charm to your bedroom (or even your little one's).

    8. A sleek white marble paper towel holder that'll immediately roll a touch of class into your kitchen.

    9. A fun geometric accent chair to add a little personality to any room.

    10. A timeless duvet set that'll make your bed the coziest spot in your entire home.

    11. Or a chic splurge-worthy velvet one that's about to become the object of all your affection and home decor pride.

    12. A cute pair of velvet pillow covers for adding a little coziness to your favorite couch or armchair.

    13. A mini artificial plant so you can accent your space with some adorable greenery without having to worry about actually keeping a plant alive.

    14. A set of teaspoons that'll make your tea time (or any other time using them) an almost royal experience.

    15. An extremely handsome entertainment console so you can finally get your TV off the floor.

    16. A gorgeous showerhead to bring some serious class to your bathroom.

    17. A glass and metal coffee table that'll easily complement any furniture set in the room.

    18. A lovely metal plant stand to show off your green thumb in style.

    19. A distressed-wood coffee table if you're looking for a rustic but chic upgrade to your living room.

    20. A stylish metal bar cart with a gold-tone finish you can use as a side table, extra storage space, or as a spot to store all your bar tools and favorite liquor bottles.

    21. A fluffy rug that'll be the perfect bedside accent — or add a fierce vibe to any room in a larger size.

    22. And a sleek modern desk to bring a little retro flair to your space.

    23. A five-tier corner shelf to provide a little extra storage space or display your favorite tchotchkes.

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