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    20 Things From Walmart That’ll Make You Never Want To Leave Home

    Who knew your home could look so amazing furnished by Walmart?

    1. A gleaming glass-top bar cart perfect for storing your favorite bottles and bar tools — or to serve as an unconventional side table.

    2. A lovely set of porcelain dinnerware that features a dreamy watercolor pattern you'll want to use every day.

    3. A overhead floor lamp to shine some serious style into any space.

    4. A fabulous velvet lounge chair that’ll lend an elegant vibe to your living room.

    5. An area rug with a faded vintage design that looks more expensive than it actually is.

    6. A chic bench with a tufted seat and acrylic legs that you can use as table seating or an accent piece to take your home decor game to new levels.

    7. A precious gold-tone dog figurine for a fun addition to your coffee table, countertop, or nightstand.

    8. A feather-filled, velvet-front decorative pillow with an exposed zipper to bring some cozy style to your bed or couch.

    9. An adorable faux succulent in an elephant planter, which is about to become the cutest little accent in your entire home.

    10. A charming modern-style table with bamboo legs and a center drawer, if you're looking for a minimalist piece that's both functional and stylish.

    11. A darling doormat to give all your guests a warm greeting whenever they visit.

    12. A marbleized glass table lamp with a cute brass base and on-off switch on the socket so you can *always* find your light.

    13. A fabulous transparent chair you can pair with your desk, dinner table, or just let stand alone as statement piece.

    14. A gorgeous hella-modern coffee table with a metal frame and cement-looking top that will pull the whole room together.

    15. A minimal vanity mirror with 3x magnification and built-in tray so you can make your beauty looks AND beauty space perfection.

    16. A pretty striped Pioneer Woman duvet cover that'll have you wanting to press that snooze button three more times.

    17. A three-cube hall tree with hooks so you'll have some extra space for storing shoes, coats, bags, and anything else that needs organizing.

    18. A striped runner rug to protect your floor and add some personality to your space.

    19. A handsome TV stand to bring some midcentury style to your living room.

    20. An acrylic rolling chair to add a chic touch to your home office or desk space.

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