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Why Coffee Pods Are Evil

Single-serving coffee capsules may be convenient. But these pre-packaged pods are bad for the environment and your wallet.

toughcookie 6 years ago

Lower Your Cholesterol With Food

Is your cholesterol elevated? One in six adults has high cholesterol, or about 17% of the population. Excess cholesterol accumulates in the arteries and can lead to heart disease--the main cause of death in the U.S. Healthy habits can help lower your cholesterol and protect your heart.

toughcookie 6 years ago

9 Vegan Soups And Stews For Fall

Feel that chill in the air? The one that no cozy scarf can completely chase away? Warm yourself from the inside out with a healthy, hearty bowl of homemade soup.

toughcookie 6 years ago

11 Make-Ahead Gluten-Free Breakfasts

No time for breakfast? These delicious gluten-free recipes can be made the night before, so there's no fuss, no mess, and no pans to wash when you're in a rush. Just heat and eat... or enjoy on the go!

toughcookie 6 years ago