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    9 Ways To Get Your Sriracha Fix, Fast

    Start hoarding rooster sauce: The Huy Fong Food factory might get shut down. These recipes will help you survive the Sriracha-pocalypse in style.

    Save the Sriracha! / Via

    Your favorite fiery condiment just moved to a new and larger plant in Irwindale, California to keep up with global demand. The new plant can produce as many as 200,000 bottles of sriracha each day, but the spicy aromas are causing nearby residents to complain, so the plant might get shut down — causing prices to go up. Time to stockpile sriracha and make some of these delicious dishes in honor of the peppery sauce.

    1. Sriracha popcorn / Via

    This savory snack hits all those salty-spicy cravings. Recipe here.

    2. Vegetable Soup with Sriracha, Lemongrass, and Tofu / Via

    Regular soup is warming enough. A spicy splash of sriracha really brings the heat. Recipe here.

    3. Baked Sriracha Butternut Squash Fries / Via

    Baked, not fried, butternut squash fries are lower in calories than potatoes and high in nutrients like beta carotene, potassium, and Vitamin C. Recipe here.

    4. Summer Rolls with Halibut, Lemongrass, and Radishes / Via

    Fresh, healthy fish and veggie wraps temper sriracha's spice with cooling cucumber and mint. Recipe here.

    5. Baked Salmon Sriracha Rolls / Via

    Did you know that sushi chefs use sriracha to make that delicious spicy mayo you love? Making sushi is not for the faint of heart, but this recipe is its own reward.

    6. Brown Sugar Baked BBQ Wings / Via

    These crispy baked wings are the perfect delivery method for a big helping of sweet, spicy, and smoky BBQ sriracha sauce. Recipe here.

    7. Sriracha Roast Chicken with Sriracha Gravy / Via

    Once you've whetted your appetite with wings, go whole hog (um, whole chicken) with a juicy, crispy-skinned sriracha roasted chicken. Recipe here.

    8. Sriracha Peach Crisp / Via

    Spicy-sweet is a classic combo, so peaches and sriracha might be the best pairing you've never tried. If peaches aren't in season, try apples or pears. Recipe here.

    9. Paleo Sriracha / Via

    Just in case you're down to the dregs of your last bottle, learn to make your own spicy stuff here.

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