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    11 Tips For When Sunday Night Rolls Around And You're Like, "WHY GOD"

    Sundays don't have to suck.

    You know how on Saturday you're like, "HUZZAH! THE SWEET TASTE OF FREEDOM!" and then Sunday night rolls around and you're like, "Death is but a door, time is but a window"?

    Well, whether you call those feelings the "Sunday Scaries" or "Sunday dread" or just straight-up anxiety, there are ways to soothe your stress and sadness as Monday approaches.

    Here are some suggestions from Reddit, Quora, a couple of my coworkers, and yours truly:

    1. Call your person.

    2. Have Sunday-night dinner with your crew.

    3. Plan a Monday-morning breakfast you can look forward to — whether that's your favorite Starbucks drink or a fluffy stack of pancakes.

    4. Do your chores on Friday night instead of leaving all that work for Sunday.

    5. Write down in detail what you'd like to accomplish in the week ahead.

    6. Make sure you have something fun planned for the week ahead too, no matter how small.

    7. Move your body.

    8. Rearrange, reorganize, or redecorate.

    9. Decide on an outfit for Monday that'll make you feel totally fab.

    10. Climb into bed early.

    11. And if your feelings of dread are really consuming you on the weekend, it might be time to take them more seriously.

    You got this!