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The 50 Best Gay Bars In The US, According To Yelp

Bottoms up!

Charlotte Gomez / BuzzFeed

Let's be real: Gay bars are the best place to spend a night out.

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They've always been safe havens for the LGBT community to express themselves fully and comfortably. They represent inclusivity and diversity. Oh, and they're fun as hell. That's why we asked Yelp for the most popular gay bars in the US, which were measured using an algorithm that looks at the star rating and number of reviews for each business.

So, here they are — the 50 best gay bars to grab a drink, dance with friends, and celebrate Pride, in order by state.

1. Bar 1, Phoenix, Arizona

2. Stacy's @ Melrose, Phoenix, Arizona

3. Velvet Lounge, Santa Ana, California

Janugie B. / Via Yelp

"Drinks were quick and delicious. I am impressed the bartenders could even understand wtf I was saying over the loud music. Couple of drag queens showed up on the dance floor and they WERKED those high heels, I could never!" —Yelper Kayla L.

4. The Loft, San Diego, California

Ondrea B. / Via Yelp

"Gorgeous gay bar in Hillcrest. Really nice staff and friendly atmosphere. Gerald, the barman, is an absolute honey. The first time I came here there were barely any people but this time it was packed and loads of fun! There are loads of other good bars in this area too." —Yelper Rich C.

5. Last Call Bar, San Francisco, California

Dave L. / Via Yelp

"Whether you are LGBTQ or not, this is a great place to pop in and spend a little time over a drink or two. It is cash only, but the staff is the friendliest you will find." —Yelper David A.

6. Li'l Devils Lounge, Denver, Colorado

7. Nellie's Sports Bar, Washington, DC

JR R. / Via Yelp

"I always know i'm going to have a blast when my friends and I decide to visit Nellie's. The first floor is catered more for the dining-in crowd. If you're looking for the dance scene, I suggest stepping upstairs! Be warned, it's hot and heavy!" —Yelper Rawlin J.

8. Blue Moon, Rehoboth Beach, Delaware

9. Bar Gaythering, Miami Beach, Florida

Sabrina B. / Via Yelp

"A great neighborhood bar... It's nice to finally have a gay bar that is open to everyone in the neighborhood ... Straight or gay! Open every night... Always friendly... Just kinky enough... And they have a great no-frills spa. It's become a local hangout." —Yelper Charles M.

10. The Palace, Miami Beach, Florida

Coach M. / Via Yelp

"Dinner and a drag queen show?! That's right! Loud music, big hair, over the top personalities, dancing and doing slips and it's all happening on the sidewalk. It's quite a show." —Yelper Natalya C.

11. Rosie's Bar & Grill, Wilton Manors, Florida

Cole Y. / Via Yelp

"Rosie's is a party. Every time I go there I have the best time and meet the greatest people. Not only is the environment a constant upbeat fiesta, the food and drinks are way above average quality." —Yelper Nicki P.

12. Woofs On Piedmont, Atlanta, Georgia

Aaron B. / Via Yelp

"It's a gay 'bear' bar, but you can come as you are. Non-pretentious atmosphere and moderately priced drinks. Overall a very good place to unwind on a Friday after work." —Yelper Rashaud B.

13. Bacchus Waikiki, Honolulu, Hawaii

Jason T. / Via Yelp

"For every gay man visiting Honolulu, Bacchus should definitely be included on his weekend nightlife agenda! Having heard about it a few months back, Bacchus has made a name for itself as the place where gays gather while the night is still young." —Yelper Ka'imi L.

14. In Between, Honolulu, Hawaii

Jose P. / Via Yelp

"My favorite bar to go to by far. It's a small hole in the wall that's always packed on the weekends, with great deals on the weekdays too. If karaoke is your thing, then In Between is the place to go, as they update their song list pretty often, which is always a plus if you're into more mainstream music." —Yelper Christian Y.

15. Wang Chung's, Honolulu, Hawaii

Mark Y. / Via Yelp

"The drinks are great! The bartenders have skills! The bar food is reasonable and delicious. I haven't had anything I don't like. The song selection is up to date and easy to find on your phone! The staff is always friendly." —Yelper Aggie C.

16. Big Chicks, Chicago, Illinois

Emily G. / Via Yelp

"If you identify on the queer spectrum you have to check out FKA on the first Thursday of each month. It's the best queer party if you like to have a wild time, and sometimes we could all use some of that." —Yelper Megan D.

17. Marty's Martini Bar, Chicago, Illinois

Andy B. / Via Yelp

"If you want an incredible martini, Marty's is your destination. If you want to walk in the door and not be greeted by someone with overly groomed eyebrows, a clipboard, and a lot of attitude, Marty's is for you. If you want to go to an adult bar, behave yourself and act your age, you've found your place." —Yelper Michael Y.

18. Sidetrack, Chicago, Illinois

Sidetrack / Via Yelp

"Not only do they make a fierce Grey Goose dirty martini (Christina Aguilera dirty) but on Fridays for happy hour they have show tunes on the flat screens." —Yelper Emily C.

19. Downtown Olly's, Indianapolis, Indiana

Chyna M. / Via Yelp

"A gay bar with breakfast food? Heaven is a place in Indianapolis. My boyfriend and I love coming here late night for drunken breakfast food and fun with the LGBT community. These are a few of my favorite things. I literally feel like Leslie Knope when I am here. The Bulge meets JJ's Diner." —Yelper Mak B.

20. Chill BAR Highlands, Louisville, Kentucky

21. 700 Club, New Orleans, Louisiana

Christopher B. / Via Yelp

"I could wax poetic about just how comfortable a place it is no matter your sex or sexual orientation, but I want to talk about the onion rings. I've eaten some onion rings in my day, and these are, for reals, the best I have ever had. Get them with the aioli." —Yelper Beth B.

22. Cafe Lafitte In Exile, New Orleans, Louisiana

23. Good Friends Bar, New Orleans, Louisiana

Lily W. / Via Yelp

"If Cheers was a gay bar it would be Good Friends. This is a very casual, friendly and fun place to hang out with friends. They also have a drink called a 'Seperator,' which is basically an alcoholic milkshake - simply delicious." —Yelper Chad M.

24. Shipwreck Lounge at Brass Key, Provincetown, Massachusetts

Tom W. / Via Yelp

"I'm not much of a bar person normally, but these guys are a class act. The staff is friendly and there is a large outdoor area with a water fountain and glass fire pit." —Yelper David C.

25. Bastille, Las Vegas, Nevada

Bastille / Via Yelp

"THE OLDEST GAY BAR IN LAS VEGAS (since 1976) --- and rumored to have the oldest patrons. But what you will get is the friendliest bartenders in town, who are pretty heavy handed when it comes to the mixed drinks....WHOOO BABY!!!" —Yelper Damon S.

26. The Garage, Las Vegas, Nevada

The Garage / Via Yelp

"This is one of my favorite bars in the country! I am often on the road and one of the hardest things to find is a decent gay bar. The Garage was a great way to end a long weekend in Las Vegas." —Yelper Robert G.

27. The Phoenix Bar & Lounge, Las Vegas, Nevada

Gabe C. / Via Yelp

"This is my favorite gay bar. The locals come here for many good reasons —friendly staff, cheap drinks, accepting cards (unlike others that only take cash), themed nights, and so much more. I'm impressed with all that there is to offer here!" —Yelper Anthony N.

28. Doogie's Bar & Grill, Manchester, New Hampshire

29. Pint, Jersey City, New Jersey

Pint / Via Yelp

"So, yeah, it's a gay bar. A gay bar with the best selection of beer in all of NYC/NJ. Shit's delicious as fuck, I kid you not. Also, the bartenders are pretty fucking cool and there is a lack of meatheads and hipsters. Give them your money. Now." —Yelper David G.

30. Albatross Bar, Astoria, New York

Nathan F. / Via Yelp

"This is our go-to bar. Nathan is the new owner, and is just wonderful. We have an awesome time every time we come — from karaoke nights to theme nights it's always a blast. Love having a fun, friendly gay bar in the neighborhood." —Yelper Susan D.

31. Marie's Crisis, New York, New York

Mike R. / Via Yelp

"When the Broadway shows let out, a great number of the chorus boys head here. The pianist kicks ass and everyone is having fun. Drinks are a little steep, but hey, you're paying for the show. It's fun, it's different, it's a hoot." —Yelper Paul W.

32. Flaming Saddles Saloon, New York, New York

Mark B. / Via Yelp

"Friendly bar staff and doormen in a non-pretentious bar scene is all you need, besides your Rhinestone Cowboy boots, to have a fun filled night." —Yelper Michael M.

33. Below Zero Lounge, Cincinnati, Ohio

Below Zero Lounge / Via Yelp

"Amazing! One of the top ten gay clubs I have been to in America. Two floors, young crowd (21 to about 30), great music, and those strong drinks." —Yelper Angelo C.

34. Union Cafe, Columbus, Ohio

Dennis H. / Via Yelp

"This is THE gay hotspot in C-bus. I love it there! It has that LA vibe without the snobby designer-wearing boys. Must go! Drinks are reasonable and good too." —Yelper Paul H.

35. The Boom, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Carly N. / Via Yelp

"Gospel brunch is awesome. Not only is the entertainment portion extremely hilarious, the food is really good! They do add $3 to each person's tab for the drag queens, but it's well worth it." —Yelper Ethan H.

36. Stir, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

37. Tavern on Camac, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Dave L. / Via Yelp

"Of the gay bars, this is by far my favorite. There are three different floors, each one available for your mood. The downstairs is a quiet place to just hang out with friends, the first floor usually plays show tunes, and the third floor becomes a dance floor on which you can have an enormous amount of fun with friends." —Yelper Daniel P.

38. Blue Moon, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

39. The Stable, Providence, Rhode Island

40. Dudley's, Charleston, South Carolina

Harold W. / Via Yelp

"Great bar! Good music! Great drinks! The karaoke was fun. The drag show was very entertaining...thanks Patti O'Furniture and Denise!!!" —Yelper Jorge Z.

41. The Lipstick Lounge, Nashville, Tennessee

Annie T. / Via Yelp

"The drinks were strong and cheap, and we enjoyed hobnobbing with the friendly locals. The karaoke stands out as some of the best I've ever seen. Some truly amazing divas took the stage and they rocked it!" —Yelper Inness P.

42. Play, Nashville, Tennessee

43. The Pumping Station, Memphis, Tennessee

Ray R. / Via Yelp

"Not an exaggeration to call the Pumping Station the best gay bar in Memphis. The bartenders are awesome, and the beers are cheap. This is one of the only leather bars I have ever been to that is truly welcoming to all types and genders." —Yelper Heather C.

44. Hidden Door, Dallas, Texas

Felix O. / Via Yelp

"Roses are red

Violets are blue

You had me at 50 cent beer on Sunday

That and your drag shows too" —Yelper Helina G.

45. Guava Lamp, Houston, Texas

Guava Lamp / Via Yelp

"Very handsome, upscale gay bar in a modern, cool district outside of Downtown. I went early in the evening, so it was relatively quiet, which is just fine by me. The happy hour prices were amazing! The bartender, Jacob, was a delight; very friendly and engaging, and he made the best martinis I've had in a while." —Yelper Martin Z.

46. RIPCORD, Houston, Texas

47. Freddie's Beach Bar & Restaurant, Arlington, Virginia

TJ F. / Via Yelp

"If you cannot have a good time at Freddie's, YOU ARE ALREADY DEAD!!!! From the moment you walk in, you feel like you are amongst family. The place is festively decorated and the bar and wait staff attend to your every need with big smiles and great memories. I have never eaten anything here that I did not love. I DARE YOU to go there and NOT have a good time." —Yelper Darryl J.

48. Diesel Seattle, Seattle, Washington

49. The Mix, Tacoma, Washington

50. This Is It, Milwaukee, Wisconsin