21 Hilarious "New York Times" Corrections That'll Make You Say, "REALLY??"

    "The gentleman seen with the weird guy in a bear suit is wearing a tuxedo, but not a top hat."

    1. Let us begin with the GOAT of New York Times corrections:

    2. There was the time the paper truly understood doggos:

    3. And when it didn't understand Twitter culture:

    4. Like, really didn't understand:

    5. Snapchat was hard to keep up with, too:

    6. The NYT knows that Adele deserves the utmost respect:

    7. Even when things get a little dark:

    8. No detail is too small to correct:

    9. Especially when it's about the legend known as Mariah Carey:

    10. Or the legend known as "Melen" Mirren:

    11. Don't forget about Kermit either:

    12. Honestly, if you can decipher what is even happening in this paragraph, please @ me:

    13. I think about how quickly this correction turned homoerotic probably twice a week:

    14. And about how the staff there is counting down just like the rest of us:

    15. Who could forget about when the NYT misstated that Ivanka was Donald Trump's wife, throwing so much shade that I went ahead and threw all my sunglasses in the garbage:

    16. Oh, and it also forgot that Tiffany was even part of the Trump family, which is fair, TBH:

    17. Speaking of family relationships, one time the paper thought Bow Wow was Snoop Dogg's nephew:

    18. Please put "It was a strawberry frappe" on my headstone:

    19. Biden, you charmer, you:

    20. OK, but like, how though:

    21. And finally, good lookin' out, NYT: