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    Here's What Rihanna's New Lipstick Looks Like On Different Skin Tones

    "The universal red."

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    Since its launch, Rihanna's Fenty Beauty range has had the whole beauty industry shook. She initially released a 40-shade foundation range, then she gave us the 'Galaxy' Holiday Collection. And because Rihanna is the gift that keeps on giving, she released the Fenty Beauty Stunna Lip Paint in Uncensored.

    The lipstick is described as 'the perfect red' and it's been hand-picked by Rihanna and has been tested on different skin tones to make sure it looks incredible on everyone. To see what all the hype is about we went to Harvey Nichols and spoke to a Fenty Beauty makeup artist, Lorenzo Mattia. He showed us how to apply the perfect red lip, and gave us the low down on the lipstick.

    The lipstick promises to be long wearing and it apparently looks different on different skin tones, according to the natural colour of your lips.To see if this is true we decided to try it out.

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    These six ladies – Natalya, Ailbhe, Remee, Tolani, Gena, Victoria – are the willing testers.


    Laura Gallant/ BuzzFeed, Natalya Lobanova

    My immediate impression was just how liquid the initial texture of the lipstick is – it feels like an oil. Which meant it was easy to apply and layer, but it also immediately went all over my teeth.

    It looks quite nice, but not my usual vibe – it's very dark and glam. It's pretty neutral in terms of undertones, though I personally don't think it's the most flattering colour ever on me either. At the same time, I can't imagine it looking awful on anyone either. One thing that was disappointing was the staying power - though the texture is great and there is little bleeding, it smudges easily and was all around my mouth a couple hours later. That said, it wasn't drying at all, like most matte lipsticks. It wasn't moisturising, but I didn't feel like I had anything on my lips.Overall I think it's a good lipstick if matte true reds are your thing.


    Laura Gallant/ BuzzFeed, Alibhe Malone

    I had really high hopes for this lipstick - I'm a huge fan of Fenty Beauty and honestly, Rihanna is queen of the red lip.

    When it comes to red lipstick, I want something with serious coverage, staying power and nothing too drying. In terms of colour, I like all kids of red, but I think ones with a blue base tend to look best on my skin tone. I was so impressed by this lipstick - with one application I had 100% coverage, and it was a dream to put on. Initially the colour looked quite bright, but as it settled on my skin it became deeper. I got so many compliments that I'm actually going to buy it.

    It looked different on different skin tones – on Gena it came up quite bright – and the colour definitely depends on the lighting. In the studio shot, it looks very bright, but in the photo I took on my phone, it's deeper - kind of femme fatale.


    Laura Gallant/ BuzzFeed, Remee Patel

    First of all I loved the packaging, because it looked fancy AF and I’m a sucker for a pretty product. I thought the brush was GENIUS, the wand as a sphere end which makes application really easy.

    At first when I put it on it looked a bit shiny and quite bright, but as it dried it became more matte and a bit darker. In the studio it looked more orangey-red to me which is not my vibe, but when I came back to my desk, which is right by the window it looked darker, which I preferred. HOWEVER I was still insanely jealous of Ailbhe and Natalya, because on them the colour came out much darker - more blood red which is exactly the kind of red I like. I mean it definitely changed colour according to skin tone because it looked completely different on all of us!

    All in all, the wand, the look of the product, and the application of the colour ( it only took one layer to get a good pigment) were great, I would just buy another shade - but I’d definitely try it on first - who knows what it will look like until it’s on my lips!


    Laura Gallant/ BuzzFeed, Tolani Shoneye

    I love red lipstick, it always has and will always be my go to lip colour. Add that to the fact that I love Rihanna, and you can guess how excited I was to try this lipstick.

    I was lucky enough to have a professional makeup artist apply the lipstick, and was very surprised that it only took one coat to get so much coverage. I love this colour on me. It's the bad ass 'bitch I didn't come here to play' red shade that I look for in a red lipstick. It's bright, but it still has a lot of depth to it. The colour literally pops.

    I have recently started going off matte lipsticks, because I'm sick of my lips feeling dry, but this lipstick actually feels very nice. I didn't find it drying, it was comfortable and the staying power is unreal. I had it on for about 10 hours and it looked great the whole time. I noticed that it looked different on different people, like very different, but I'm very into how it looks on me. It's definitely one to try before you buy.


    Laura Gallant/ BuzzFeed, Gena-mour Barrett

    Having seen the lipstick on Ailbhe (who is admittedly lighter than I am), my initial thoughts were "ooh! I love this lipstick!" I've been looking for a retro red for ages, but it's hard to find one that doesn't look orange-toned on me.

    Upon trying it on, it did look more coral than the red I've been after, but I didn't hate it! The formula is great, and it's not drying at all. It felt verrrrry bright on first application, but it calms down as it settles, and I was very impressed by the fact one coat can do a full, vibrant lip without re-application. I'm still in search of the perfect, blue-tone red, but until then, this will do!


    Laura Gallant/ BuzzFeed, Victoria Sanusi

    When I first saw Stunna I thought it was going to look super red on me, like a deep red, but in the studio when i tried it on, it was more crayola red, more on the orange side. I looked completely different and I was really into it! Like, I'd wear that on a night out. I've never worn red lipstick before, I always stay in the burgundy red area so this was an experience!

    In daylight, though it looked completely different! It was super orange, as if I had worn a different lipstick entirely. I wasn't digging it that much if I'm honest. Maybe a lip liner would have changed the look or if I had a base beforehand. However on the plus side,, it didn't dry out my lips which is a problem I have a lot of liquid lipsticks.

    I think it looked so beautiful on everyone but me, honestly. It looked berry on Ailbhe and coral on Gena, it was cool seeing how well it adapted to different skin tones. I thought it would suit me because I saw a picture of Duckie rocking it but it's a pass from me. I wasn't too keen on the orange shade. I think a dark red would suit me much more. I still fuck with the Fenty gloss bomb heavy!