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The Best R&D Deals Ft. S

Some deals are those of the year, some those of the decade and some those of a lifetime. To the many more deals to come....

Bob the Wizard • One year ago

Miranda, Love Actually Is All Around You

Because not only do you bring love into people's lives, people around you bring love to you.

Bob the Wizard • 2 years ago

21 Reasons Rachel Is Rad

21 but still 12 at heart

Bob the Wizard • 4 years ago

The Original 50 Shades Of Grey

What do Christian Grey, Albert Einstein and John Maynard Keynes have in common? More than you think.

Bob the Wizard • 5 years ago

The Science Behind Food

Because we all want to know how to make the perfect cookies.

Bob the Wizard • 5 years ago

8 Reasons Why We Should Migrate To Canada

Canada is underrated and there are lots of awesome things happening there.

Bob the Wizard • 5 years ago

5 Things You Never Knew Could Glow In The Dark

Because everyone loves things that glow in the dark!

Bob the Wizard • 5 years ago

Dating In The Digital Age

Things we should consider while dating in the millennial era.

Bob the Wizard • 5 years ago

10 Breathtaking New York Sunsets

Because who doesn't love a beautiful sunset

Bob the Wizard • 5 years ago