Dating In The Digital Age

Things we should consider while dating in the millennial era.

1. Are Social Media Prenups Going to Become a Thing?

Will we need to consult a contract to check what we can put on Facebook?
(This may come as a relief to all those sick of loved up couples on their newsfeed)

2. Are We Actually Getting Married Later?

My Life / Via

Depending on what state you live in most people are either getting married at 24 or 30.

3. Is Facebook Killing Marriages?

Using Facebook all the time? It could increase your chances of a future failed marriage.

4. Will We Go On More Virtual Dates?

Seeing someone at dinner with a Facetime companion may not be so weird in the future.

5. Should We Be Giving Up on Mr. Perfect?

Are we harming ourselves by having high standards? Should we learn to settle for someone who isn’t Channing Tatum?

6. Will Sharing Our Sexual History Become a Norm?

There is now an app, Nipple, that will let you keep track of your sexual history.

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