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25 Hilarious Stories About The Secret Lives Of Pets

The Secret Life of Pets is in theaters now and will show us what our pets get up to while we’re away. Here are some adorable pets that have been getting up to some mischief of their own.

What Weird, Hilarious Things Does Your Pet Do?

Share your best pet stories here!

14 Pictures That Show The Secret Life Of Pets

Ever wondered what your pet does while you're away? The Secret Life of Pets answers that question in the most hilarious way possible, and it's just as you always expected: They're scheming...

We Made Emojis For Our Pets And They Are Adorable

PetMoji allows you to capture the secret essence of your cat or dog in the purest artistic form imaginable: an emoji. An app version is coming soon! The Secret Life of Pets premieres in theaters on July 8.