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25 Hilarious Stories About The Secret Lives Of Pets

The Secret Life of Pets is in theaters now and will show us what our pets get up to while we’re away. Here are some adorable pets that have been getting up to some mischief of their own.

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We recently asked the members of BuzzFeed Community to share hilarious, weird stories about the secret lives of their pets. These are just a few of the delightful characters we met.

2. The gourmet:

"My girlfriend's family's cat, Pumpkin, sits at the kitchen bar like this and meows at everyone as though she is a member of the family. She will hold this pose for hours, watching the family cook dinner."


3. The town crier:

"My cat makes a Poo Proclamation after using the litter box. She’ll run away as fast as she can across the wooden floors to the other side of the house, then I’ll hear 'MRRROW, ROWR, MOW,' which is Catish for 'Harken thee, for I have pooped, and it was good.'"


6. The dog with an identity crisis:

"Adopted a dog in March. Golden Lab mix. Has two feline housemates. No other canine companions. So now he thinks he’s a cat. Both of the cats below him were pretty pissed he took their spot."


9. The chocolate fiend:

"There have been several instances where my 10-year-old, Britney, has gotten into the pantry and found her favorite food: chocolate-covered doughnuts. She devours half the box, then hides the rest of the doughnuts in pieces in our laundry and in the wedges between couch cushions. The chocolate melts and gets everywhere!"


11. The shoe collector:

"Earl likes shoes. But not just any shoes. Earl likes used shoes. Not old shoes. Used. Meaning Earl likes to cuddle up on your shoes when you take them off after a long, hot, sweaty day. Can be annoying if you want to put your shoes back on because he gets very protective of the shoes he has claimed as his own."


12. The meerkat:

"My mini dachshund, Blitz, loves to sit like a meerkat and wave his front arms frantically when someone's eating. It's adorable."

—Tracy Spears, Facebook

14. The race car driver:

"My cat, Harry, is obsessed with wheely chairs and luggage. We wheel him around the house, and he loves to lie and watch over the edge as the wheels move around. He meows at us when we stop."


15. The minimalist:

"My friend's dog eats one kibble at a time. Kibble, carry to carpet, eat, return to bowl, repeat!"

—Angie Marulo, Facebook

18. The artist:

"My cat likes to get his paws wet in the sink and then continuously rub them on the bathroom mirror."


22. The class clown:

"Our dog, Stinkerbelle, farts when she gets happy. Since she’s a well-loved and adored dog, she farts frequently. But when she toots, she looks at her butt, then rolls around on her back yowling like she’s laughing."


24. The diva:

"My dog REFUSES to drink water from her dish. Instead, she steals water bottles and chews them open and drinks that. Diva likes her spring water."


25. And the old man who thinks he's a shoe:

"My cat, Jimmy, sleeps in some weird places, as cats tend to do, but the weirdest place he sleeps is on the welcome mat in the kitchen where we put our shoes. I’ll often come into the room, or come home, and happen to see him sitting there, like he thinks he’s a shoe."


The Secret Life of Pets arrives in theaters on July 8, and it’s going to be just as hilarious and adorable as these guys are.

The Secret Life of Pets is in theaters now, and it’s going to be just as hilarious and adorable as these guys are. Click here to get your tickets!