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We Made Emojis For Our Pets And They Are Adorable

PetMoji allows you to capture the secret essence of your cat or dog in the purest artistic form imaginable: an emoji. An app version is coming soon! The Secret Life of Pets premieres in theaters on July 8.

1. Desmond, the old man:

Courtesy of Casey Cline / Via

Casey: Desmond wants to be a ~chill~ dog, but the truth is he's just as anxious as he is excited. You can see that here: He's smiley and welcoming, but you'll notice the sincere concern in his old-man eyebrows.

2. Irwin, the worrier:

Courtesy of Summer Anne Burton / Via

Summer: Irwin is the most purely loving being I have ever had the pleasure of knowing, and he constantly radiates warm rays of concern for my well-being from his giant magical eyeballs. As you can see here, he worries about me.

3. Princess Cuteyface, the bored one:

Courtesy of Jack Shepherd / Via

Jack: Princess Cuteyface always looks at you like you're boring her and wasting her time, and that's usually because you are. Leave her alone because she has EXTREMELY important work to do being the best cat in the world.

4. Jessie, the loverboy:

Courtesy of Andrea Hickey / Via

Andrea: Jessie is extremely sweet and loving, and in the picture you can tell he's really friendly. His eyes give you the impression he's about to give you a big slobbery kiss, which is definitely his thing.

5. Eva, the queen of sass:

Courtesy of Clark McCaskill / Via

Clark: Eva the Diva is a poised princess — she is the one who knocks. Her refined sass and inquisitive elegance are perfectly captured in the PetMoji. Her eyes beckon for pats, but her impish grin states otherwise. Choose wisely.

6. Kota, the unwashed:

Courtesy of Jake Russell Tapleshay / Via

Jake: Kota is a very dirty dog. But that isn't going to stop her from jumping up to hug you. Don't worry, you'll like it.

7. Ollie, the taskmaster:

Courtesy of Ashley Cook / Via

Ashley: Ollie has a big personality. He's very vocal when he wants something, and when he doesn't get his way, he uses his eyes to tell me. This picture was taken when I wouldn't get out of bed to feed him.

8. Toby, the nervous wreck:

Courtesy of Tara Parian / Via

Tara: My dog, Toby, is always WORRIED. I can see it in this picture through the worried look in the PetMoji's eyes and how he's sitting with his tail.

9. Peacha, the romantic:

Courtesy of Marjan Farsad / Via

Marjan: Peacha was a very romantic poet. He would read his poems for us with a very loud voice. He also believed in freedom and wanted to change the world...

10. Scout, the eager beagle:

Courtesy of Lily Antflick / Via

Lily: This is Scout — she's very poised and alert, always ready to catch the nearest smell with her strong beagle nose.

11. Earl, the weirdo:

Courtesy of Jake Russell Tapleshay / Via

Jake: Earl is too sweet to be a cat. He'll let you hold him like a baby if it means you'll scratch his head. Very strange animal, tbh.

12. Toby, the attention hog:

Courtesy of Kristen Brown / Via

Kristen: Toby, he basically looks concerned 90% of the time. But his real concern is why are you not petting him right now?

13. Ellie Mae, the troublemaker:

Courtesy of Leslie Rodriguez / Via

Leslie: Ellie Mae is very mischievous and energetic. She loves the park because she can enjoy the world unrestrained, which makes her the happiest fluff ball in the world, as the picture shows. She also makes this face when we get her puppyccinos, her favorite treat.

14. Sydney, the shy one:

Courtesy of Kirby Darland / Via

Kirby: This is Sydney. She's shy and always looks overwhelmed and concerned with her huge eyes and sweet lil' frown.

Do you have a cat or dog? Make a PetMoji for them and add it via the DropBox below!

The PetMoji app is coming soon, and The Secret Life of Pets premieres in theaters on July 8.