24 Ways You Know You Went To Community College

Not NYU. Not Rutgers. Not the Ivies. Just bare bones community college.

1. You remember having to commute every morning because your school had no dorms.

At least this prepared you for the real world…

2. Since every student at the college was a commuter, the parking lot was ALWAYS full. You can’t get the memories of the many horrible parking lot experiences out of your head.

3. Because actually getting to school was so horrible, you’d be looking for any excuse to stay in bed toward the end of the semester.

4. This is what you did when you found out about a rarely used parking lot at the far, far edge of the campus.

5. This was your school’s football team. (At least that’s what it looked like when you compared it with the other schools.)

6. When you told teachers/your friends’ parents/other adults where you were going to college toward the end of senior year in high school, they looked disgusted but feigned politeness.

7. Some people even told you that you were throwing your future away.

8. Because of such hostility, you got embarrassed every time someone asked you where you went to school. You usually just muttered it…

9. Or you left out the “community college” part. People I knew used to say “I go to NCC” or “I go to Nassau.” (I said these things too.)

10. There were drugs. Shitloads of drugs.

11. There was at least one psycho in each of your classes.

In one class I had, there was this dude named “Bobcat” (that wasn’t actually his name, I found out later) who used to take pictures of himself and mail them to random people. There was another class I was in where this girl had a pet rat that lived in the hood of her hoodie. In a different class, one kid got kicked out when he pulled down his pants and started pleasuring himself in front of another student. There was also another guy who used to arrive really early in the morning and walk on ALL the lines in one of the parking lots. This all happened.

12. Even the worst mall food court was better than your school’s food court.

13. The view of your campus was… really unflattering.

The iconic T-building (the tall one on the left) wasn’t all that iconic.

14. Some buildings were dangerous to go into, either because they were decrepit or because muggings were a semi-regular occurrence in and around that building.

And you knew not to go into the bathrooms in those buildings.

15. Your school had tons of remedial classes.

16. You had to take P.E. classes, which meant dealing with insanely competitive people who didn’t realize it was just gym class and not the Super Bowl — just like in high school.

17. Your school had a gym but it was pretty nasty. Like there could’ve been thousands of diseases on the equipment, among other things.

18. Your friends at “real” college disregarded your grades (and entire education) because you attended the “13th grade.”

19. The bathroom graffiti at your school was way better than at the other schools.

20. You had a lot of terrible professors.

21. But you also had a few great professors that made your experience so much better.

22. You have less student loan debt because, generally, community college is dirt cheap.

23. You wanted to flip off that one douchey relative who ALWAYS made sure to point out to you that his/her kids went to a *good* school.

24. You got a heart attack when you remembered that you had to transfer to another school and go through the whole admissions process again.

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