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    Just 31 Things From Target That’ll Help You Update Your Bathroom

    New year, new bathroom.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A five-tier metal shelf for maximizing space. It'll keep your necessities in view while also organizing them, and it comes with anti-tip hardware for installation. It's durable so it won't break down easily, but it's stylish enough to give a nice update to your storage.

    Brushed Nickel shelving unit with aqua and white towels and some bottles displaying cotton balls and flowers

    2. Organic bath towels to give your guests the full hotel experience. These fade-resistant and low-lint towels are made from 100% organic cotton, and they're ultra absorbent to soak up more water. Pick from an array of neutral colors to find what best suits your bathroom.

    Dark Gray towels on a brown wood towel rack

    3. A modern face wink vase that'll bring character to your counter. Perfect for storing cotton balls or hair ties, this ceramic vase is an elegant choice for anyone wanting to make a statement.

    White vase with gold details

    4. A white rainbow tapestry so your bathroom will look stylish without looking overwhelming. It'll go with any décor style and comes with a coordinated loop for easy hanging.

    White rainbow tapestry

    5. A textured, colorful bath rug to complement your bathroom décor and add textured flair. It's 100% cotton, which means it's soft, absorbent and durable.

    Pink tufted rug with tan slip on shoes resting on it

    6. A Threshold decorative wire storage bin with copper handles so you can have a stylish place to keep towels, magazines and more. Built to last, this durable metal basket will give you extra-large space. The copper handles also give easy mobility.

    Wire storage basket with white and yellow towels inside

    7. An Essick wall hook rack so you can organize your bathroom and maximize your space at the same time. This rich oil-rubbed bronze hook is a great option for smaller bathrooms and it'll hold up to 35 pounds.

    Rubbed oil bronze hook rack

    8. A Project 62 white globe sconce because even lighting can be stylish. It'll being a contemporary feel to your space with a warm, cozy glow. You can control the light level with the dimmable light setting, and the cord rocker switch allows for easy function.

    White globe sconce with gold hardware

    9. An Opalhouse Wild Hibiscus Sangria lidded glass jar candle that'll make your baths and your morning routines way more fun. The single-wick candle will give your space a warm glow and a lovely fragrance. It also burns up to 80 hours.

    Opalhouse lidded candles with fruit and other jars on a light pink background

    10. A satin nickel five-piece accessory set to keep your bathroom looking cohesive.

    Satin nickel set on a marble background

    11. A statement flower petal wall mirror that'll make a statement and let you know if you have spinach in your teeth. This midcentury modern accent piece is made of iron and is inspired by vintage décor from the 1960s. It'll hang securely to any surface and add a clean, modern element to your bathroom.

    Champagne flower petal mirror on a white brick wall over a gray couch

    12. A two-door wall cabinet so you can hide whatever cleaning products and toilet paper you want. It's easy to hang and it's got an adjustable, interior shelf for versatile storing options.

    Gray two door wall cabinet with bottles stored inside

    13. A Threshold large open drawer organizer for organizing your counter. This durable metal drawer organizer will make your routine more convenient by offering extra space for beauty tools or toiletries. It's got a slide-out design so you can easily put it under the sink.

    Nickel drawer under the sink with a pink hairbrush and white inside

    14. A Windham one-door accent cabinet to store towels and washcloths with three layers of storage. The classic design will fit well with every kind of bathroom and there's an adjustable shelf so you can change it to best suit your space.

    Cabinet in Overcast with white towels inside

    15. A Threshold gold toothbrush holder because if you have to brush your teeth, you may as well keep the brushes looking good. The geometric design will make a stunning statement with the rest of your bathroom décor, and the wide mouth makes it easy to grab what you need.

    Gold toothbrush holder with white toothbrushes stands beside a navy towel

    16. A Triflora hanging planter for displaying your succulents in an unexpected way without taking up windowsill space. The extendable metal rod adjusts horizontally and vertically, and it fits standard 3-inch pots so you don't need to worry about re-potting. It also holds up to 22 pounds.

    White hanging planter with three pots

    17. A Threshold lined, lidded hamper so you don't have to have your dirty clothes and towels in the open. The rectangular shape means it'll fit into compact spaces, and the dark brown will complement bathrooms of all styles.

    Dark brown hamper with gray and cream lining

    18. A Sonia Kashuk hard top makeup storage case that'll keep your cabinet clean and all your makeup supplies organized. The hard design will keep your makeup protected, and the snap closure will keep everything inside secure. The black is understated so it will match the rest of your bathroom and the carrying handle on the top allows you to easily carry it.

    Black makeup organizer

    19. A Threshold bathtub caddy so you can read, watch Netflix or just keep your favorite lotion nearby while you're in the bath. There's an expandable arm to fit whatever bathtub you've got and the slatted design allows water to drain naturally. Plus it's made of steel for durability and lasting use.

    Satin bathtub caddy with wipes, soap and a tan bath brush

    20. A floral bird hand towel to add color and unique detail to your bathroom. It's made from 100% cotton fabric with terry weave so it'll feel soft against your skin.

    The colorful bird floral towels beside green accessories and a white backsplash

    21. An mDesign metal tub for displaying towels, bath products and even snacks whenever you have guests. The handles feature comfortable wooden grips and it's got a durable painted rust-resistant finish for years of use.

    White tub with tan wooden handles displays white and yellow towels

    22. A mango wood and marble top side table so you can add detail and extra storage to your bathroom. The tripod wooden base gives it stability and the shelf near the bottom gives you extra storage.

    Wood and marble side table with gray and white towels stacked on top

    23. And a two-tier poise tray to give your counter extra style. Perfect for storing jewelry, this tray is both functional and attractive and gives you easy access to your favorite pieces.

    Brass two-tier tray displaying brown glasses, yellow, pink, and orange bracelets and gold rings.

    24. A solid hammered trashcan because as Sharpay Evans once said, "I want fabulous...even fabulous trash." The allover hammered pattern will add chic style where no one expects it and the sturdy iron ensures long-lasting use.

    Silver trashcan on a white floor beside a white cabinet

    25. A set of two floating shelves to keep your bathroom stocked with lotion and bath bombs without taking up floor space. They're easy to install with metal keyhole hangers on the back of each, and each one can hold 8 pounds.

    White floating shelves holding a blue vase, white picture frame and green plant

    26. A Hearth & Hand with Magnolia Ombre border shower curtain that'll keep things minimal and give your bathroom a spa-like appeal. The sturdy cotton will drape around your tub for the most possible privacy and the buttonhole top makes for easy installation. Plus, it's got tassels for a unique flair.

    Cream shower curtain with pink bottom and dark gray detailing against a white tub and white wall

    27. A Moen five-function handheld showerhead so you can take your shower to the next level. It offers five shower modes and the chrome finish works with any decorating style. The installation only takes three steps, and it includes the showerhead, bracket, and flexible metal hose.

    Chrome showerhead inside a white shower

    28. A black letterboard set to leave your roommate your favorite Christmas lyrics or whatever fun messages you want all year long.

    Black letterboard with white letters and gold frame beside a tiny green plant

    29. A four-piece speckled bathroom set that'll keep your counter cohesive. It includes everything you need in your morning routine and the earthy tones will bring a natural look to your bathroom. The durable material also ensure it'll withstand everyday use.

    Gray speckled bathroom set with tan wooden bottoms displaying white toothbrushes and white soap

    30. A shower caddy so your shower won't be cluttered up with all those bottles or your loofah. This rust-resistant baby slips over your shower head to save space, and it's got two large baskets, a soap holder and four hooks to accommodate your endless supply of holiday-scented soaps.

    Chrome shower caddy with pink bottles and a pale yellow loofah

    31. And a sleek toilet brush from simplehuman complete with a caddy to help keep your toilet clean. It's specifically designed to reach hard-to-clean areas around your toilet's rim, and a magnetic collar keeps the cover on so you can carry them together without dripping.

    White and silver toilet brush caddy with the white brush with gray bristles

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