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Updated on May 3, 2020. Posted on Apr 29, 2020

If You Were A Cultured Middle Schooler, You'll Ace This "Lightning Thief" Test

We don't talk about the movie in this house.

  1. What kind of creature is Grover?

  2. What color are the Camp Half-Blood T-shirts?

  3. Where is Olympus (where the Olympian gods live)?

  4. Who is Clarisse La Rue's godly parent?

  5. What is Percy and his mother's favorite color?

  6. What is Mr. Brunner's real name?

  7. What is the main entrance of the Underworld disguised as?

  8. Who is the "lightning thief" (who physically took the bolt)?

  9. Who kills Percy's stepdad, Gabe?

  10. How many cabins at Camp Half-Blood are empty when Percy arrives?

  11. Where is Camp Half-Blood located?

  12. Which of these does Percy NOT retrieve for a god?

  13. What does Percy use to flee the Underworld?

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