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    Colin Farrell Looks Unrecognizable As The Penguin In The First Trailer For "The Batman"

    Just give Colin the Oscar now. Everyone else can go home.

    OK, so you know how everyone's been hype — yes, even you, haters — for Robert Pattinson's take on The Batman.

    Well, the first trailer just dropped at DC FanDome this weekend and I'm sold.

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    Literally me after watching:

    First off, Rob is delivering his tried-and-true emo acting, but here it works because in this version Batman is apparently a detective/vigilante, who had to deal with some rough shit growing up. (You all should know the storyline by now.)

    Robert Pattinson as Bruce Wayne in a suit

    And I must say, he looks really great in the bat suit.

    Also, if this shot isn't a 2020 mood, IDK what is.

    Rob as Batman with mascara around his eyes staring into the distance

    We also got our first look at Zoë Kravitz kicking ass as Catwoman.

    But the real transformation that had everyone — including myself — shook was Colin Farrell's portrayal as The Penguin.

    As a reminder, this is what Colin Farrell looks like IRL:

    And, apparently, this is Colin Farrell as The Penguin in The Batman:

    I mean, srsly. He's unrecognizable in this role.

    A lot of people thought Colin resembled fellow iconic actor Richard Kind, famous for his roles in Mad About You, Spin City, and Curb Your Enthusiasm:

    Really thought this was Richard Kind in the BATMAN trailer but it’s Colin Farrell in Penguin makeup

    Others called it "one of the best transformation makeups" they've ever seen:

    Wait is Twitter messing with me or is this really Colin Farrell as Penguin in the Batman trailer? If so this is one of the best transformation makeups I've ever seen?

    People just could not believe it was him, and honestly, same:

    Is this Colin Farrell as Penguin or not? lol

    This person "had no idea" it was Colin:

    Bruh I had no idea that was Colin Farrell as the Penguin!

    This person felt "time and money was wasted" making Colin "unsexy" and demanded a "sexy Penguin":

    How much time and money was wasted on making Colin Farrell un-sexy? Absolute waste. The people demand a sexy Penguin!

    Chile, okay.

    Others said it's the reason they're now on board to watch The Batman:

    Seeing this photo of Colin Farrell as the Penguin has put me fully in the “on board” camp for The Batman. Apologies in advance.

    Either way, let's just hope we get behind-the-scenes footage of his transformation process because it's truly epic!

    According to the trailer, The Batman is due out in theaters...sometime next year?

    Red words that read, "?0?1"

    In the meantime, what do you think of Colin's transformation as The Penguin? Tell me in the comments!