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    Miley Cyrus Said Cody Simpson Is Her "Type," And Judging From These Photos, He's My Type, Too

    I'd swipe right.

    Yesterday, Miley Cyrus shared this BuzzFeed article on Instagram, confirming that she did indeed make out with her longtime friend, singer Cody Simpson, earlier this week.

    Via Instagram: @mileycyrus

    The "Slide Away" singer also called out the sexist double standard when it comes to dating, where men are allowed to date after breakups without being labeled "sluts/whores."

    In another post, Miley dubbed Cody her "type" and listed out the reasons why. "22 βœ…. Australian (my type) βœ…. Abs βœ…," she wrote.

    Via Instagram: @mileycyrus

    Th 26-year-old also declared that she's having a Hot Girl Fall following her split from Liam Hemsworth this summer.

    Well, let's take a look, shall we? 🧐

    This is Cody.

    Mr. Simpson, if you nasty.

    He posts photos like this on Instagram...

    ...for no apparent reason.

    Besides the fact that he's smoking hot.

    Cody has great hair.

    And he likes to surf.

    He could probably cut diamonds with that sharp V-line, am I right?

    His tattoos are also impressive.

    But really, who's looking at his tatts when his abs are on display πŸ˜…?

    Tyra Banks would be proud of this shot.

    And this one, too.

    He's even cute in candids.

    Damn, Cody, is there any time when you're not fine?

    The answer is NOPE.

    Yeah, you get the point by now. He's hot, hot, muy caliente.

    It's easy to see why Miley has eyes for him.

    If things don't work out, though, I call first dibs.

    Good luck out there in the dating world, Miley. 🀞🏾


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