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    Miley Cyrus Is Fully Committed To #HotGirlFall And Wants People To Not "Make It Awkward"

    "If our president can 'grab em by the pussy...' can't I just have a kiss and açaí bowl?!?!"

    Miley Cyrus just wants a few things in this life: to enjoy her morning açaí bowl, the occasional makeout session, and the freedom to date in peace. Totally reasonable.

    Following her split from husband Liam Hemsworth in August, after being together on and off for a decade and seven months of marriage, the singer has been linked with the likes of Kaitlynn Carter.

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    And just yesterday she was spotted making out with friend and fellow musician Cody Simpson which got a lot of people talking. But Miley isn't here for double standards or people making her dating life "awkward".

    Firstly, she had some words for the "sneaky ass" individual who captured her and Cody on camera. The 26-year-old posted on her IG stories to ask "Can a girl not get a fucking açaí bowl and a morning make out session in peace?!?!"

    Miley Cyrus / Via Instagram

    The performer followed up with a post where she made ~several~ points calling out the double standards around dating, privacy, and life after the end of her marriage.

    Miley Cyrus / Via Instagram

    Cyrus acknowledged that growing up in the public eye had opened her up to the world and resulted in people feeling "invested" in her relationships.

    "I think that's why people have always felt so entitled over my life and how I live it because they've watched me grow up....but I am grown now and make choices as an adult knowing the truth/details/reality. People only 'know' what they see on the internet," she wrote.

    The singer who recently returned to the studio also called out the way in which women were criticised for their dating habits and even threw a whole tree of shade at the US President Donald Trump.

    In a follow up post, the Younger Now singer shared that she had no intention of dating behind the scenes because it would be "no fun" and would make her "uncomfortable."

    Miley Cyrus / Via Instagram

    She explained: "I would like to share an activity with someone I am dating and not be stuck at home with pretty much nothing to do but 'Netflix and chill.' This 'dating' thing is new to me too.

    "I've never been and 'adult'/grown ass woman experiencing this....I was in a committed relationship for almost all my teens and early 20s; with the exception of a few breaks, which usually in those time I was working my ass off with not much R&R....and 'meeting/trusting' people in my position is really tuff."

    But Miley isn't looking for sympathy, as she puts it: "I have a great life I wouldn't trade for 'privacy' but PLEASE don't make this awkward for me!"

    #HotGirlFall is a campaign I can get behind.

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