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    Chance The Rapper Plays A Bush Baby In "The Lion King"

    Keep your eyes out for Chance's Disney debut!

    By now, you already know Disney's remake of The Lion King is filled with stars.

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    Donald Glover plays Simba, Beyoncé plays Nala, Seth Rogen plays Pumbaa, Billy Eichner plays Timon, and the iconic James Earl Jones reprises his role as Mufasa.

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    See the full cast here.

    Following the film's premiere earlier this week, Chance the Rapper also revealed he was secretly a part of the recording process, having signed on as a consultant per Jon Favreau's request.

    Chance's addition to the film is even sweeter considering he's been a huge fan of the franchise his entire life.

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    "I grew up my whole life obsessed with all things related to The Lion King; like all three films, the Timon and Pumbaa tv show, the broadway play and especially the broadway soundtrack. Needless to say the original film was immensely impactful on my music and overall life," he wrote.

    "For about a year I would go to [The Lion King] studio and see early animations, scenes, music direction or assemblies and they’d always be out of this world amazing."

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    "One day I’m there Jon [Favreau] asked me to do some singing stuff, another day he asks me to do some lines. Its all a blur, but I’ll tell u its one of the best blurs of my whole life," he shared.

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    The beloved artist and noted philanthropist also posted a screenshot of the closing credits which gave away that he plays a bush baby in the live-action remake.

    In case you were wondering what the hell a bush baby is...

    Afp / AFP / Getty Images

    ...don't worry, I had the exact question.

    As a huge Chance the Rapper fan, I now have yet another reason to go see The Lion King when it hits theaters on July 19.

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    Are you excited to see Chance's cameo in The Lion King? Tell us in the comments. Keep up with all our coverage of the film here.

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