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21 Times Chance The Rapper Was The Cutest Person Ever

Because only he would drop a top 10 album then go work at a summer church camp.

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1. When he wrote this freestyle for his girlfriend.

3. When he was this excited about a school play version of The Wiz that his 12-year-old cousin put together.

This the only version of The Wiz I wanna see from now on

4. When he wrote this beautiful song for a Nike Olympics ad.

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6. When he spent the summer working at a children's camp after dropping one of the hottest albums of the year.

This summer I worked at Kids of the Kingdom, a day camp my great grandmother created 35yrs ago. Today was the finale


9. When he was this excited to be on SNL. (And adorably mentioned that his daughter scratched his face right before his big debut.)

Instagram: @chancetherapper

13. When he and Steph Curry did this little warm-up dance before his ESPY performance.

Besides praying this is the best way to prep for a big moment #ESPYS cc: @StephenCurry30

14. That time he watched and sang along to The Five Heartbeats just like the rest of us do.

15. When he revealed this gem about this scene from his "No Problems" video.

I shot this part of the vid in @menswearhouse while I was trying on suits hours before a meeting with the @POTUS

16. When he was fine as can be on the cover of Billboard and even spoke about his efforts to change the way black women are talked about in rap music.

"I understand how black women are represented in rap music, how being a baby mama is perceived. My girlfriend and I are very conscious of how many people in our situation don’t think it can work out, when it can," he told the magazine.