People Are Convinced Beyoncé Addressed Rumors About Having Plastic Surgery Done On The "Savage" Remix

    Yoncé has spoken 🍑.

    Yesterday, Beyoncé shocked us all when she dropped her fiery remix to Megan Thee Stallion's "Savage."

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    You know the song. It's been in everyone's TikTok videos since we've been in quarantine.

    It's safe to say the internet has spent the last 24 hours dissecting the lyrics, with many of us just try to figure out what "demon time" is.

    However, another part of the song that has tongues wagging is Bey's verse that seemingly addresses the rumors that she had plastic surgery.

    The rumors resurfaced earlier this year when the 38-year-old posted promotional shots from her Ivy Park athleisure line on Instagram:

    People on social media speculated whether the "Bootylicious" singer had work done on her derrière:

    "I know BBL bum when I see it," one person tweeted, referring to a Brazilian butt lift, which is a procedure that "remove[s] excess skin and tighten[s] the buttocks."

    ik bbl bum when i see it

    This person claimed Beyoncé had "butt surgery" and called out her fans for shaming other celebs who've also been accused of getting similar procedures:

    Beyonce had butt surgery. The Beyhive that used to shame the Kardashians and Bo Nicki are now "woke" and all sensitive cause their queen has joined the brigade. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    This person said she could not be convinced otherwise:

    Not one person on this planet can convince me Beyoncé didn’t have surgery. It’s not even a bad thing but please, let’s be honest with ourselves.

    Of course, Beyoncé fans were quick to defend their fave, pointing out the fact that the singer has given birth to three children and her weight has fluctuated over the years:

    @ChanelJanae Y’all mute tweets when you’re loud and wrong. She’s fluctuated in weight forever and after having 3 kids, 2 being twins, your weight will change, CONSTANTLY. Beyoncé doesn’t/didn’t need surgery and it’s okay. Not everybody has to have surgery to look good you know.

    "Bodies change naturally," one fan tweeted:

    the beyoncé surgery rumors are funny because logic always goes out the window when bey is involved bodies change naturally folks... you know this because yours looks different every 10 years.

    "You guys have been accusing Beyoncé of having surgery for years," another tweeted.

    You guys on here have been accusing Beyoncé of having surgery for years. Just go gym, man.

    Well, it looks like Mrs. Carter saw the gossip for herself and decided to address it on wax.

    "Big B and that B stand for bands / If you wanna see some real ass, baby, here's your chance," Bey raps on the "Savage" remix.

    "Texas up in this thang, put you up on this game / Ivy Park on my frame ... / If you don't jump to put jeans on, baby, you don't feel my pain," she continued.

    After the song's release, many assumed the verse was Bey's way of shutting down the persistent plastic surgery rumors:

    Beyoncé really clocked the surgery rumours “big B and that B stands for bands if u wonna see some real ass baby here’s your chance”

    “If you wanna see some real ass baby this your chance”...... Beyoncé saw y’all lil funky tweets saying she got her body done and had to check y’all real quick.


    Beyoncé said fuck y’all and your plastic surgery threads. I love she

    Beyoncé has yet to confirm anything, but of course, we will update you if she does.