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    Beyoncé Just Remixed The TikTok Song "Savage," And People On The Internet Collectively Lost Their Minds

    Featuring OnlyFans, Demon Time, and two Houston hotties.

    Welp, folks. Beyoncé has done it again. On Wednesday, the singer made the world (see: the internet) stop when she dropped her remix to Megan Thee Stallion's "Savage."

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    You know the song (and the dance, originated by TikToker @keke.janajah). If you've watched at least one TikTok while in quarantine, then you've heard it before:


    day 2 doing my dance till it goes viral 🤗 #PlayWithLife #foyou #fyp #foryoupage #newdance #megan

    ♬ Savage - Megan Thee Stallion

    Now it has Queen Bey's pristine vocals on it, and people are here for it, henny. Here are some of the best (and wildest) reactions to the remix — which btw, all of the proceeds will be donated to benefit COVID-19 relief in Houston, Texas, Beyoncé and Meg's home city:


    Me minding my black ass business then BEYONCÉ AND MEGAN THE STALLION HIT MY TIMELINE WITH SAVAGE REMIX!!! 🤯😩


    When Beyoncé said “demon time might start a onlyfans" JayZ: #SavageRemix


    “You don’t jump to put jeans on baby you don’t feel my pain” bye she didn’t have to eat off my plate like that!!!! #savageremix #beyonce #meganthestallion


    A visualization of us rapping and singing both Meg and Bey’s verses. #savageremix


    It must be so hard for Beyoncé being the better rapper in her relationship


    me listening to beyoncé on savage


    Us: We tired of hearing Savage, ya’ll wore it out! Beyoncé:


    Beyoncé and @theestallion about to make me get in my car and drive around the block 272 times.


    Of course we take a moment to thank Beyoncé’s manager Blue Ivy for putting this magic together


    Blue Ivy after saving 2020 with a Beyoncé x Megan song #SavageRemix


    #SavageRemix got me like @theestallion @Beyonce



    The Beyoncé I serve would not realease a bop such as this knowing we can’t go to the club. She knows something we don’t. Freedom soon come!!!!


    Tik tok dancers aren’t going to know what hit them. they finna be practicing all day.


    @theestallion: He be like "Damn, how that thang movin' in them jeans"? Me and Beyoncé: THEM JEAAAAANS #SavageRemix


    She’s not a regular mom. She’s a cool mom.



    Megan AND Beyoncé. Both from Houston. Both hotties. Both on the same track.


    Megan getting a Beyoncé feature before even releasing a debut album yup!


    “the avengers is the most ambitious crossover event in history” doja cat, megan thee stallion, nicki minaj and beyonce: i think tf not #SaySoRemix #SavageRemix

    What do you think of the remix? Tell us in the comments!