Antoni Porowski Reading Thirst Tweets About Himself Is Like An Early Christmas Gift

    "I get wet anytime Antoni says 'like so'."

    When he's not heating things up in the kitchen, celebrity chef Antoni Porowski can be found fogging up our screens on Netflix's hit show Queer Eye.

    And who could resist these thirst traps he posts on Instagram for no reason, other than because he can 😅:

    To celebrate the release of his new cookbook, Antoni in the Kitchen, we had the adorable food and wine expert read your thirstiest tweets about him, and let's just say it was a wild ride, y'all.

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    Like this person who wanted Antoni to cook naked and "sensually shake [their] cocktails":

    i am so attracted to antoni from queer eye i just want him to cook naked for me and sensually shake my cocktails

    Or this person who wanted Antoni to treat them like a lobster:

    wish antoni would rip me apart like he did that giant lobster

    Or how about this person who had a well-thought-out fantasy involving Antoni and Target:

    antoni from queer eye could walk into the target shoe section and eat my entire ass. would i be opposed? no. he is free to do this if he chooses and i encourage it actually

    My personal favorite? This person who believes Antoni's close-up cooking shots on Queer Eye should be rated R:

    can't believe Queer Eye is only rated TV-14 when the slowed down, close up shots of Antoni's hands cooking in each episode are actual porn.

    You'll have to watch the full video above to find out how else Antoni responded to your tweets and hear his advice for having a safe word 👀.

    Want even more Antoni? Pick up his new cookbook, available online and in stores NOW!