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35 Thirst Traps Antoni From "Queer Eye" Posted In 2018 That Will Make You Scream, "Holy Guacamole!"

What's cookin', good lookin'?

You know Antoni Porowski, the Food Expert from Netflix's Queer Eye. While his guacamole-making skills might be up for debate, he is the undisputed King of the Thirst Trap in 2018.

1. Like this ad for Hanes which is literally the only #SponCon I've ever cared about and suddenly I stan capitalism:

2. Or the time I nearly moved north because of these two Canadian daddies:

3. Seriously, is anyone else considering renouncing their American citizenship because of these two?:

4. There's the time he posed in a speedo and we were shook AF even though the picture is so low-res it looks like it was taken on an iPhone 4:

5. Then there's the time when he looked dapper AF in a tux (with a shiny accessory):

6. There's this number where he looked like a sexy Canadian nutcracker:

7. His Gay Times cover, where he gave us a hint of peach:

8. This 🔥portrait, which had me saying, "I mustache you a question, but I'll shave it for later":

9. That time he put thigh meat on the dinner menu and I was so here for it:


11. That time he looked adorable as hell and I just wanted to be this puppy, like is that too much to ask?:

12. That time his abs looked so good I felt the strange urge to do my laundry on them:

13. That time his biceps had more definition than my future:

14. Some more biceps action, because I'm seriously shaking you guys:

15. That time he was giving us pensive hunk realness, probably lost in thought about how maybe putting Greek yogurt in guacamole wasn't the best idea he's ever had:

16. That time he had us thirsty for more than just a LaCroix:

17. That time his avocados looked ripe to me:

18. That time he looked moody and broody in some random patch of grass:

19. That time he made all of us want to magically turn into some bacon:

20. This tasteful hint of titty that made us very thankful for sweater season:

21. That time he took a sip of soda and I momentarily forgot that high fructose corn syrup is terrible for you:

22. This bowling thirst trap that was a total strike:

23. The time he looked like a sexy vampire:

24. This wholesome thirst trap where he cradled a baby duck:

25. This tennis picture that was a total serve:

26. And this group shot that made me want to get off my ass and go right to the gym:

27. This one, where I seriously think he's staring right into my soul, or at least telepathically trying to communicate a mac and cheese recipe:

28. This colorful portrait that also had me seeing stars:

29. He's dog friendly, which really is just the cherry on top of the proverbial sundae:

30. What's better than one shirtless Antoni? HOW ABOUT NINE SHIRTLESS ANTONIS:

31. That time he was like, "Peace!" and I was like, "Thanks for wearing a sleeveless shirt!":

32. IDK, I'm honestly running out of captions at this point, he's hot, you get the point, moving on:

33. Literally this is not how you're supposed to wear a suit but who is complaining? NO ONE!:

34. Eating chocolate on white sheets seems like a terrible idea on paper, but then Antoni posted this picture, and I had to reconsider:

35. And finally, this thirst trap with a pot, because he's A COOKING EXPERT, DUH: