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Amanda Bynes Is Back On Instagram, And, Yes, The Account Is 100% Real

Check her out.

Did you hear? Amanda Bynes is back on Instagram!!!

On Tuesday, the Amanda Show actor made her return to the platform with an epic photo that had me doing a double take:

The pink wig AND the gold septum ring? OK, I see you, Ms. Bynes!

And if you were wondering, yes, the Instagram account (@amandabynesreal) is 100% real. "Hey guys! I'm on Instagram now! Check me out," she tweeted from her verified Twitter account.

Hey guys! I'm on instagram now ! Check me out

I'm starting a petition to get her verified on IG, ASAP.

The former Nickelodeon star racked up 14,000+ followers in less than 3 hours. I mean, when you're a legend, you're a legend.

Oh, and guess what? Amanda only follows nine accounts. Mostly designers like Gucci and Dior, but Paris and Nicky Hilton each got individual follows.

Amanda has slowly but surely been making her way back into the public eye. In June, she graduated from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising.

Hopefully she'll keep us updated with more iconic selfies in the near future. 💖🤗