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    Posted on Jul 12, 2013

    The 15 Most Pure Moments Of Amanda Bynes' Past

    This will make you yearn for the golden era of Bynes, filled with tube topped splendor.

    1. When, as a tiny, mere child, she took the stage at LA's Laugh Factory, clearly fueled by 12 Snickers bars.

    2. When, at 13, she wore an abundance of butterfly clips — stars: They're just like you!

    3. In 2000, when she wore beauteous platform flip-flops to the Rugrats in Paris premiere. No fancy Hollywood footwear for this gal!

    Chris Weeks/Liaison

    4. When, in 2001, she was the picture of purity for Teen magazine's "All About You" special issue.

    5. And in the interview Amanda did with "All About You," she showed off her drawings.

    6. And she also said the following in that article:

    Let's talk clothes. When did you start drawing your own fashion designs?

    I've been drawing since kindergarten. As I watch a fashion show or an awards show, I copy what I see. The Oscars have the newest fashions — that's the show I look forward to the most.

    What's the easiest thing to draw and what's the hardest?

    I'm not very good at drawing feet, but I think I've perfected drawing eyes. And I'd like to work on my noses. The easiest are lips, but I rarely ever show teeth — oh, teeth are hard! Whenever I draw them they look like dentures, and really big.

    7. When she turned sweet 16, and began exploring the exciting world of tube tops.

    Teen mag 2002

    8. In 2002, Amanda really liked tube tops. She wore them in black.

    Frank Micelotta/ImageDirect

    9. She wore them in white.

    10. When she allowed Teen People to do a makeover on her in 2003 when she clearly didn't even need it.

    11. When she wore this incredibly confusing outfit.

    12. Witness her youthful exuberance, her carefree nature, the good, clean Americanness of Miss Bynes as she poses with pink balloons.

    13. Observe Amanda's commitment to camaraderie as she bonded together with other Hollywood teens and tweens for a very important 2003 issue of Vanity Fair.

    14. When she loved denim and was a beachy sun goddess.

    15. And here, witness the tipping point wherein she is the picture of the early 2000s.

    Goodbye to all of that.

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