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23 Things You Probably Forgot About From The 2012 Olympics

Guys, remember when McKayla wasn't impressed???

1. Queen Elizabeth "parachuting" into the opening ceremony with James Bond.


People loved the bizarre and thoroughly British opening ceremony, but watching QEII become a Bond girl made everyone LOL.

2. The US women's gymnastics team.

Jamie Squire / Getty Images

AKA the Fab 5, AKA Mean Girls IRL, AKA the first US women's gymnastics to win a team gold since 1996. Luckily, two members of the team, Aly Raisman and Gabby Douglas, are going to Rio for the chance for another Olympic win, so the obsession will definitely continue.

3. McKayla Maroney's flawless vault.


Like, holy shit. IT MADE A JUDGE'S JAW DROP. Pretty much everyone became infatuated with her after that, and those who didn't were eventually won over by...

4. Her "not impressed" face.


OK, so she couldn't replicate her perfect vault in the individual event (and actually fell on her second try), which got her a STILL RESPECTABLE silver medal. But since Olympic gymnasts are programmed from birth to achieve perfection, she was a little disappointed, OK? And she unleashed a dissatisfied smirk during the medal ceremony that launched a zillion memes and even a presidential interpretation.

5. Michael Phelps' insane gold medal record.

MARTIN BUREAU / Getty Images

The story of Michael Phelps — nay, the entire US swimming team — at the 2012 Olympics was the question of whether he'd finally surpass Larisa Latynina to become the all-time record holder for most Olympic medals won. He did, and then some, bringing home six medals, four of them gold. The whole thing had an added bittersweet layer, as he planned to retire after the games, which were his fourth. He came out of retirement in 2014, however, and will swim in his fifth Olympics in Rio!

6. And, of course, his mom, Debbie Phelps.

NBC / Via

Debbie!!! Deb! Her delightfully excited reactions to her world-champ son made us feel like she was all of our moms, TBH.

7. Everything. Ryan. Lochte. Period.


Ryan Lochte peeing in the pool. Ryan Lochte having one-night stands. Ryan Lochte talking. Ryan Lochte's grills. Ryan Lochte derping. The list goes on. The beautiful swimming beast captured our hearts and even parlayed his popularity into a short-lived reality show on E!. Jeah jeah jeah!

8. And the rivalry/bromance between Michael Phelps and Ryan Lochte.

LEON NEAL / Getty Images

For all his weirdness and hotness, Lochte is also a great swimmer, and there was a ton of pre-games speculation about whether Lochte could lock out Phelps from a big medal haul. Phelps ultimately emerged as an undisputed champion, but Lochte gave him a run for his money and their friendly competition made everything so much more fun to watch.

9. Eight badminton players getting disqualified for trying to throw matches.

Michael Regan / Getty Images

Badminton usually flies under the radar at the Olympics, but four years ago, teams from China, South Korea, and Indonesia were all disqualified for trying to lose early matches to ensure an easier draw in the next round of competition. Their crappy playing was pretty obvious, and the referee even had to tell the teams, "You should try to play your best," before the IOC kicked them out. Womp womp.

10. Usain Bolt being Usain Bolt.

Clive Brunskill / Getty Images

The appropriately named man who may just be the greatest sprinter who's ever lived also has an awesome personality. Win-win! He proved himself to be fast AF, classy, fun, able to come up with a sweet signature pose, and, uh, an inspiration to farmers? Sure.

11. But especially when he made a guy's entire life with a fist bump.

NBC / Via

The Usain Bolt effect is REAL. We were all the Olympics volunteer who fangirled hard after getting a pre-race fist bump.

12. The Mo Farah victory pose.

Clive Brunskill / Getty Images

AKA the Mobot. We all fell in love with the most decorated person in British athletics history (NBD) for his distance-running skills, but the Mobot made him instantly meme-able. He'll be back to run again in Rio.

13. Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh Jennings winning again.

Lintao Zhang / Getty Images

Women are strong as hell. Watching these two win their third consecutive women's beach volleyball gold medal was emotional for everyone, especially because it was their last Olympics together. Walsh Jennings is going to Rio for her fifth Olympics with new partner April Ross.

14. Prince William and Kate Middleton canoodling in the stands.

Getty Images

The Olympics were in their country, so the still-newlyweds turned up for several events, including this PDA-packed cycling competition. People loved seeing royals be all huggy and cute like normal people. Awww.

15. Kinesio tape on everyone's body.

The neon tape was everywhere, and it fascinated and confused everyone who noticed it. Turns out it helps with muscles or something, but it was also cool to look at.

16. Aliya Mustafina being a total badass.

Dat side-eye. Mustafina, a Russian gymnast, drew in legions of fans for her ice-queen stare and skillful acrobatics.

17. Ann Romney's horse competing in dressage.


Memba dis??? Four years ago, the Republican presidential nominee's wife had her horse, Rafalca, compete in dressage, which is basically horse dancing. It was weird and kinda cool, and way better than the Republican presidential nominee's wife copying a speech.

18. Wanting to bring Tom Daley home and cook him a nice dinner.

Getty Images

The British diver was just 18 years old and a national obsession/heartthrob during the last Olympics, and for good reason. That face! Those abs! Dat ass! He'll be back to dive for his country in Rio, thank god.

19. The unnecessary censorship of men's diving.

20. The diver who didn't learn about her family's tragedies until after she won a gold medal.

Al Bello / Getty Images

The world was shocked to hear that Wu Minxia (left), a Chinese diver, wasn't informed that her grandparents died over a year ago and that her mother has been battling breast cancer for years until after she and her diving partner He Zi won a gold medal. “It was essential to tell this white lie,” her father said of concealing the information so as not to distract her from competition.

21. Boris Johnson getting caught on a zipline while waving two tiny British flags.

London Tonight / Via

I mean, yeah. Johnson was mayor of London at the time, and needless to say, BoJo looked like a bozo while trying to get his city hyped up for the games.

22. This.

Twitter: @AlsBoy

The Olympics glasses everyone had been waiting for finally happened.

23. The Spice Girls' performance at the closing ceremony.

Getty Images

The closing ceremony was cool and all, but no one could top the Spice Girls. No one!

See y'all in Rio!

Mollie Shafer-Schweig / Via BuzzFeed

The Opening Ceremony begins Friday, August 5th, at 730/630C on NBC. Click here for more Olympics content!

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