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    • terencen

      The last one isn’t bizarre.  The Sisters of Perpetual indulgence isanon-profit charity that started in the 1970’s in San Francisco. They did stark white make up and dressed in drag as nuns to lampoon and protest Christian organizations and individuals, such as Anita Bryant, that were anti-gay and who preached and protested against gays in the Castro. The Sisters mobilized efforts to support and fund HIV/AIDS initiatives and combat homophobia.  Eventually, the organization branched out to other cities to form their own chapters (or “orders”) with the mission of supporting queer community issues and needs. Each inductee takes onacomical moniker and dresses in the stark, white, pseudo-nun drag and assists on fundraising. They’reamainstay in the gay community, and oftentimes saviors of many struggling queer individuals and initiatives. In Atlanta, for example, the Order of the Flaming Sugarbakers supports HIV/AIDS testing and services, combats poz stigma, homeless LGBTQ youth, and toy donations to children during Christmas. The photo’s about as weird as seeing RuPaul in drag inaNOH8 photo.

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