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    27 Bizarre NOH8 Campaign Pictures

    The NoH8 campaign has inspired celebs and non-celebs alike to get creative in their picture taking. Very creative.

    1. JWoww taped over a bit more than necessary.

    2. Steve-O Loves on himself.


    4. Accidental baby make-out session.

    5. That is one huge spoon, Arnold Myint.

    6. This boxing nun had to make an appearance.

    7. Posing with decorative fans.

    8. "I'll get you for this"- disgruntled puppy.

    9. Kerli loves her post-apocolyptic teddy bear.

    10. Just a man and his booty!

    11. Using flip-flops as a symbolic prop.

    12. This brownie doesn't tolerate hate!

    13. Power Ranger poses with a Power Ranger.

    David Yost played one of the Power Rangers.

    14. Brian Corsetti poses with his favorite power tool.

    15. What did the cowboy do?

    Erin Cahill, Vernon Wells, and Jason Faunt are from Power Rangers: Time Force.

    16. This huge paper-mache doll... or is it a piñata?

    17. Stopped for frozen yogurt on the way over and had to work with it.

    18. Paris Hilton inside a mirror...or IS she the mirror? Up to you.

    19. Meanwhile deep in the jungle...

    20. Now it just feels like a strange yearbook photo shoot.

    21. Spicy.

    22. Robert Picardo uses a mini-me to get the point across.

    23. If you want to make a splash, this is how it's done.

    24. Bowling is a serious game.

    25. Jeni Pulos and her hip pug Janis is a total win.

    26. Mya felt the need to add a few more arms.

    27. ....Not even sure where to begin.

    Check out the campaign and take your own amazingly creative or wonderfully weird portrait when they come to a town near you!

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