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    15 Reasons Why Cyclops Is Everyone's Least Favorite X-Man

    Cyclops has "lead" the X-Men on and off for over 40 years. However, over that same period he has managed to become one of the most disliked "heroes" in the Marvel Universe.

    1. He Pouted and Whined on the Original X-Men

    2. He was a total dick to his teammates on the All New X-Men

    3. Jean Grey Dies For the First (of Many) Times and Cyclops is Immediately Hitting the Town

    4. Jean Grey Dies Again (AGAIN), Cyclops Mourns by Making Time with a Blonde

    5. Cyclops Dates (and Marries) a Woman Who Looks Like His Dead Girlfriend

    6. Cyclops Abandons His Young Bride To Take Back Leadership of the X-Men

    7. Cyclops Abandons His Young Wife and Child Once He Realizes that Jean Grey is Alive (Again)

    8. Cyclops Shows As Much Emotion As A Dead fish When Madelyn Pryor Dies

    9. Cyclops Finally Marries Jean Grey

    10. Cyclops Cheats on His Wife With Her Arch-Nemesis Emma Frost

    11. Jean Grey Dies (AGAIN) and Cyclops Makes His Relationship with Emma Frost Official

    12. Cyclops Likes Others to Do His Dirty Work

    13. Cyclops Once Again Betrays a Lady Love

    14. Cyclops Hates Authority Figures, Kills Mentor

    15. Cyclops Wonders Why World Does Not Love Him