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    15 Reasons Why Cyclops Is Everyone's Least Favorite X-Man

    Cyclops has "lead" the X-Men on and off for over 40 years. However, over that same period he has managed to become one of the most disliked "heroes" in the Marvel Universe.

    1. He Pouted and Whined on the Original X-Men


    The Situation - On a team with a funny charming guy, a brilliant guy and a super rich guy, the one woman on the team (Jean Grey) decides that she loves you. The obvious answer to this is to spend all your time moping around and being a drag.

    2. He was a total dick to his teammates on the All New X-Men


    The Situation - Cyclops' leadership abilities consist of lamenting the fact that all the "old" X-Men decided to dump his ass and making fun of his new teammates. He probably should have gotten some books on tape to help with that issue.

    3. Jean Grey Dies For the First (of Many) Times and Cyclops is Immediately Hitting the Town


    The Situation - Well Jean may have died in a horrific accident piloting a space shuttle, but I obviously need to move on and start seeing other people.

    4. Jean Grey Dies Again (AGAIN), Cyclops Mourns by Making Time with a Blonde


    The Situation - My girlfriend just died for the second time in a year's span. Guess its time to jump back on the relationship horse!

    5. Cyclops Dates (and Marries) a Woman Who Looks Like His Dead Girlfriend


    The Situation - It isn't creepy at all to date and marry a woman who is a clone of your dead girlfriend.

    6. Cyclops Abandons His Young Bride To Take Back Leadership of the X-Men


    The Situation - Cyclops is a lone wolf and a rebel so he isn't going to settle down and help raise a family. Instead he has to stir the pot and try to take back leadership of the X-Men. Spoiler: He loses.

    7. Cyclops Abandons His Young Wife and Child Once He Realizes that Jean Grey is Alive (Again)


    The Situation - So Cyclops attempts to construct a new life with his wife Madelyn and son Nathan. However, one word that Jean Grey might be alive drives him to abandon his family and shack up again with his long dead paramour. What a nice guy.

    8. Cyclops Shows As Much Emotion As A Dead fish When Madelyn Pryor Dies


    The Situation - Madelyn Pryor has joined with the All New X-Men (led by Storm) and is thought to be dead. She then, of course, dies. Cyclop, manages to treat these events with all the excitement of getting the weather report.

    9. Cyclops Finally Marries Jean Grey


    The Situation - This needs to be noted because it is one of the few decent things that Cyclops has ever done in his life. Of course, he immediately screws that up.

    10. Cyclops Cheats on His Wife With Her Arch-Nemesis Emma Frost


    The Situation - Cyclops believes that his his relationship with Jean Grey has grown stagnant. The solution? Make time with her worst enemy.

    11. Jean Grey Dies (AGAIN) and Cyclops Makes His Relationship with Emma Frost Official


    The Situation - Nothing says mourning like officially becoming an item with your dead wife's most hated enemy and basically alienating all your friends in he process.

    12. Cyclops Likes Others to Do His Dirty Work


    The Situation - In order to keep his hands clean, Cyclops sanctions Wolverine and a group of bloodthirsty X-Men to kill threats to the mutant community. Of course, he tries to disavow any involvement.

    13. Cyclops Once Again Betrays a Lady Love


    The Situation - Romeo that he is, Cyclops destroys his latest relationship by stabbing Emma Frost in the back and stealing the the superpowers she has recently acquired.

    14. Cyclops Hates Authority Figures, Kills Mentor


    The Situation - Cyclops hits rock bottom and kills his Professor X.

    15. Cyclops Wonders Why World Does Not Love Him


    The Situation - This panel kind of sums of Cyclops' delusion that the world is all about him all the time.

    In Sum - Cyclops is the King Joffrey of the Marvel Universe.

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