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5 Staircases MC Escher Would Be Proud Of

When searching for a new home has this thought ever crossed your mind, “I can’t stand the ugly and cramped staircases”? At least the architects and builders remembered the staircases, right? You may want to stop yourself from running down any these artistic stairway creations that might make the mad graphic artist himself, MC Escher, jealous. When searching for the next home renovation, forget about adding granite counter tops to the kitchen and reform your home’s Feng Shui with these modern masterpieces.

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1. Is it a Staircase? Is it a bookshelf? Why not a Stairbookcase?

Find something simple, sweet, and aesthetically awesome with this stylish staircase that functions as a staircase and a bookshelf in one. For all those Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, and The Hunger Games fans, you now have a place to show off your book nerd love. Unless of course you own a Kindle or eReader. Then the bookshelf aspects will simply transform into a home for pots/pans or a cat tree for the lady with five or more cats.

2. Hallucinogenic Stairs

Ever felt like adding a little bit of confusion to your staircase? If so, check out this, mind bending staircase that’s sure to leave you rubbing your eyes and falling all over the place. No, there’s no earthquake and you’re not still a little woozy from last night. The elderly should not attempt to conquer these stairs alone.

3. The Modern Spiral Staircase

Are you a sucker for the spiral staircase? Everyone at one point in their life is struck with a state of awe when they first encounter this staircase. Perhaps you’re a fan of the classic spiral stair. Whatever spiral stair upgrade you choose, don’t let the kids or dads run up and down endlessly.

4. The Glass Staircase

Who wants to live in a glass house? Almost everyone I know probably can’t help that urge to throw rocks. Do you remember those days playing tackle football in the living room with your brothers? Someone, not naming anyone, threw a touchdown pass through the large picture window.

These beautiful and elegant glass stairs fit perfectly in a home with growing teenagers and wild animals. If you’re children stomp/run down the stairs at high speed, glass may not be the best choice. Can you imagine the fun cleaning that mess up?

5. The Slide Staircase

Maybe if MC Escher only had a slide next to this staircase, then maybe he wouldn’t have had such twisted visions of staircases. Every child wants a slide in the house. If you don’t give them what they want, they’ll make their own slide out of clothing hampers and trash cans.

Would you rather the kids smell like dirty clothes and trash, or let them have the best time ever? Let’s face it, their determination to only bathe once a week already has them smelling worse than the bum at 7 Eleven every morning.