33 Architects Who Completely Screwed Up Their One Job

WTF, guys. Is it really that hard to remember stairs?

1. The architect who doesn’t understand the concept of privacy.

ID: 1926388

2. The architect who totally forgot how shadows work.

ID: 1921737

3. The architect who needs to learn how wheelchairs actually work.

ID: 1926098

4. This one too.

ID: 1926357

5. The architect who really wants to make flying cars happen.

ID: 1785122

6. The architect who could have sworn that chimney wasn’t there before.

ID: 1927186

7. The architect who confused “hope” with “please I need a ladder.”

ID: 1921576

8. The architect who can’t believe he forgot about the whole door thing.

So close, yet so far.

ID: 1921644

9. The architect who created this hip warehouse club that’s literally so exclusive, no one can get in.

ID: 1921693

10. The architect who forgot to take the aerial view into account.

ID: 1921784

11. The architect who forgot that you actually have to add stairs if people want to go upstairs.

ID: 1921704

12. The architect who totally thinks you can get through there if you just duck or something.

ID: 1921765

13. The architect who was a little drunk when she was figuring out where to put that last window.

ID: 1927207

14. The architect who didn’t have any room in the budget left for a staircase.

ID: 1927059

15. The architect who ran out of windows just a little too soon.

ID: 1921769

16. The super-tall architect who forgot that not everyone is like him.

ID: 1925979

17. And the really short architect who forgot the opposite.

ID: 1927007

18. The architect who can’t stop mixing up windows and doors.

“Oooh, I was supposed to use the one with the handle…”

ID: 1925988

19. The architect who totally didn’t see that tree there.

ID: 1926196

20. This one too.

ID: 1926247

21. The architect who thinks you should have to work for it if you want to make it to the top.

ID: 1926306

22. The architect who can’t seem to properly bridge this gap.

hahaha puns.

ID: 1926992

23. The architect who really wishes she could pass through walls.

Until then, these are for ghosts only :(

ID: 1926317

24. The architect who’s taking this whole “half-bathroom” concept a little too far.

ID: 1927072

25. The architect who shouldn’t be designing playgrounds.

ID: 1926997

26. The architect who is extra concerned about privacy.

ID: 1927147

27. The architect who was just trying to work on his carpentry skills.

ID: 1927040

28. The architect who’s really pushing for you to buy a motorcycle.

ID: 1926339

29. The architect who should really learn what happens when water meets electricity.

ID: 1926289

30. The architect who assumed no one would actually want to enter the store he was designing.

ID: 1926950

31. The architect who thinks you should just take the bus anyway.

ID: 1926963

32. The architect who thinks you need to work on your high jump.

ID: 1926980

33. And the architect who totally nailed this staircase.

ID: 1921775

Bravo, everyone.

ID: 1926534

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