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21 Songs On Everyone's Flashback Friday "Love Crush" Mixtape

RE: BUZZFEED APPLICATION-Whether it was a cassette or CD, we’ve all probably made a love mixtape for that special someone. Here were some go to songs.

James Morris • 2 years ago

10 Reasons Why We're Excited For The Return Of Hey Arnold!

RE: BUZZFEED APPLICATION: In celebration of the 2017 Hey Arnold! movie title release, we look back to see our favorite football head and why we loved the show so much.

James Morris • 3 years ago

16 Reasons Why Chappelle's Show Should Make A Comeback

RE: BUZZFEED APPLICATION-We can hope and pray for a comeback, but in the meantime, let's take a look to see all the things the Chappelle's Show did for us..

James Morris • 3 years ago

9 Reactions To Hearing Frank Ocean Is Dropping A New Album

RE: BUZZFEED APPLICATION- There was another rumor circulating saying that Frank Ocean was going to drop a new album today. We have been patiently waiting and we have been through so many emotions as fans.

James Morris • 3 years ago