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    Updated on Nov 19, 2019. Posted on Nov 16, 2019

    14 Funny Internet Posts From This Week To Make Things Just A Little Better

    Teens on TikTok > everyone else.

    1. This AirPod was safely returned:

    i left my airpod while getting sushi n the lady came back n gave it to me like this i’m screaming

    2. Chrissy Teigen dared Idris Elba to post a picture of himself from 1995 and yes, he was hot then too:

    😂😭 sorry @JohnLegend, I tried!!!

    3. The tension was palpable at Chuck E. Cheese:

    Took my kids to Chuck E Cheese yesterday. A lot of tension in the band.

    4. These guys recreated the Phineas and Ferb theme song and honestly they deserve an Oscar:

    someone on tiktok recreated the opening theme song of phineas and ferb and its the best this ever😭

    5. Everyone went WILD for Disney+:

    So I tried finessing this guy into sharing his Disney+ account with me and this is what he sends me 😭

    6. This pooch put some pep in their step!!

    7. Once again, Noah Centineo proved he has a way with words:

    me after i let someone copy my math homework that’s 100% wrong

    8. Celine Dion went off on a tangent about peanut butter and it was kind of iconic:

    Céline Dion is incapable of giving a boring answer to any question. Here she is talking/singing about her favourite food: peanut butter.

    9. This gender reveal was absolutely HORRIFIC:

    10. We were introduced to baby Yoda for the first time and please just LOOK AT HIM!!!


    11. This prank was truly perfect in every way:

    12. Lady Gaga didn't remember her own album and that's it, that's the tweet:

    13. This kitty gave a lil' swat:

    14. And finally, this video changed everything:

    Ever since this video I haven’t looked at the calendar the same

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