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    25 Tiny Reasons People Have Actually Ended Friendships

    "He argued that Washington, DC, was in Washington state."

    We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us the pettiest reason they ended a friendship. Here are some of our favorite responses:

    1. "She pronounced the 'L' in 'salmon.'"


    2. "A girl stopped being friends with me because I beat her in a karaoke contest."


    3. "A guy I knew said Mean Girls was one of the worst films of all time."


    4. "I stopped being friends with a few people who saw my birthday post on Snapchat but still didn’t take five seconds to say happy birthday to me."


    5. "She dissed my favorite band — One Direction — on multiple occasions. A few weeks later, she proceeded to say how much she loved them and was obsessed with them. She basically was a fake fan, and fake fans are NOT appreciated in this fandom. I was planning on dropping her prior to this, but this situation drove me over the edge."


    6. "She spoiled The Bachelorette for me."


    7. "When I was a pre-teen, I went on a weekend trip with my friend. She got a bowl of soup from a buffet in a flavor she knew she didn't like, ate one spoonful, and then threw the rest of the bowl out. For some reason, my young self found this behavior horrifying. We had a big fight over it and never spoke again. It's not my proudest moment!"


    8. "In 2011, back when Instagram was very new, I noticed my then-friend reposted a meme I had posted a week earlier. This was before memes were as big as they are today, so pretty much everything was an original idea. She posted it WITHOUT giving me any credit, and I couldn't handle it! I unfollowed her and we haven't spoken since."


    9. "They used too many emojis."


    10. "I was at my aunt's wedding a few years back when Vine was the cool new app. After posting about five Vines, I was told my friend 'subtweeted' about my videos. She said something to the effect of 'enough of the videos, no one cares.' That was all I needed to end that friendship."


    11. "She got married on my birthday and didn't even acknowledge it. I didn't want or need a shout-out or anything in front of her guests on her wedding day, but I didn't even get a simple one-on-one 'happy birthday' from her. And before anyone asks, she knew. Her sister mentioned it later on in the evening, and she was suspiciously quiet."


    12. "My middle school best friend stopped being friends with me because one time, out of the two years we had been friends, my mom said I couldn’t go to her house."


    13. "He argued that Washington, DC, was in Washington state. I showed him a map. He still didn't believe me."


    14. "I got a job in a supermarket and I was no longer 'good enough' to be her friend. She accidentally texted me that when she meant to send it to her boyfriend."


    15. "She was so fake online. We went to the beach one day with another friend, and later that evening she posted photos we had taken of her saying something about 'lonely walks on the beach.'"


    16. "I had a friend who told me my shoes were untied when I was actually wearing slip-on shoes. I was around my boss and other high-ranking executives at my job and was absolutely humiliated when I looked down to tie my shoes and they didn't actually have any laces. It was over after that."


    17. "Someone ended a friendship with me because I wouldn't post on Facebook or Instagram for her get-rich-quick diet tea or body wrap or whatever it was she was selling."


    18. "She called me a dick for sending pictures of my new puppy when she didn’t have a dog. I stopped communication after that."


    19. "My former best friend of seven years ended our friendship when I didn't answer her text for five hours on a Saturday."


    20. "She got upset when I still went to Nashville for my birthday after I had invited her and she said she didn’t want to go. What did she want me to do? Kidnap her and force her to go?"


    21. "One friend would text so many in-depth questions at once, it stressed me out. I rarely had time to answer all of them, and the few I did only prompted more. I let that friendship die."


    22. "They borrowed a pen from me and then lost it. I was so angry because I take my pens seriously. Before this we would casually hang out, but afterward I practically ghosted her."


    23. "He didn't like melted cheese or the movie Stand by Me."


    24. "One of my friends told me they couldn’t go see Avengers: Infinity War with me after I had already bought our tickets. We are no longer friends."


    25. "I stopped talking to a friend after I followed her on social media and found out she posts nothing but cheesy motivational quotes all day long."


    Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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