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    30 Home Improvement Products You've Probably Needed For A Long Time

    From upgrading backsplash to paint mishaps, we've got what you need to tackle your DIY home projects.

    1. A set of peel-and-stick tiles — renovating your kitchen just got a whole lot easier (and cheaper)! These eco-friendly tiles are easy to install, clean, and maintain. HGTV is shaking!

    reviewer image of the white marble peel and stick tile used as backsplash in a customer's kitchen

    2. A set of thick velvet slip covers to help bring your vintage '80s-style couch into the 21st century. This set includes nonslip straps so you won't have to worry about constantly adjusting your new seats.

    reviewer before and after images of a dingy beige leather couch that is then covered with a teal velvet slip cover

    3. A nontoxic leather conditioner that'll restore your leather throne to its former glory. Just spread a thin and even layer of conditioner to reveal rejuvenated (and water-repellant) furniture.

    4. Two packs of streak-free stainless steel wipes so your appliances can get some lovin' too. These will remove residue, water marks, and grease while leaving behind a protective barrier to prevent smudges that'll keep your stainless stain-free!

    5. A drywall repair kit to patch up the wall where you attempted hanging a 50lb gold mirror you found for free on Craigslist.

    Reviewer's before and after showing a small dent in their wall, and the after photo showing how the kit fixed it with no hole

    6. A high pressure showerhead with five spray patterns including a rain setting so you can close your eyes and pretend you got caught in a storm. A very cleansing storm.

    reviewer image of the warmspray shower head spraying high pressure water on the rain setting

    7. A cordless floor cleaner whose rotating mop pads will scrub your floors until they glisten. With its on-demand spray, you'll be able to control how much cleaning solution you use to remove dried-on messes we can all just pretend never happened.

    reviewer image of the vmai cordless electric mop cleaning hardwood floors

    8. Or a water-based 12-in-1 steam mop cleaner – it effectively (and safely) removes dirt and germs from just about any surface! Use it on your tiles, hardwood, glass, and button-down shirts and watch as they all return to their former glory right before your eyes. Water really is magical.

    9. An oven cleaner so powerful you might just convince yourself you replaced your oven altogether. This heavy-duty cleaner can remove grime, stains, and caked-on food in minutes!

    a can of easy-off fresh scent heavy duty oven cleaner

    10. A pack of 24 mandala stencils you can use to create unique wall art OR to dress up your dresser! These durable, reusable, and washable stencils will help turn any room into a colorful oasis.

    four images of the mandala stencils being used to decorate: a wall, a table, a dresser, and a planter

    11. A set of cast-iron switch plates featuring a classic criss-cross design so you know that they'll definitely age well (or, I guess, not at all).

    five shabby chic switch plates

    12. A professional upholstery kit with everything you'll need to do some DIY furniture repairs in your home. I'm loving this episode of Fixer Upper!

    the complete furniture repair upholstery kit laid out on a wooden table

    13. A faux-marble surface cover because your laminate countertops have been begging for a glow up. All you have to do is peel and stick for a glossy, easy-to-clean surface that'll elevate the look of your space.

    14. A pack of touch-up paint pens so you can address the splotches left over when you removed your painter's tape from the striped accent wall you painted a few years ago. Just fill one of these pens up with your latex paint and brush away!

    model uses the slobproof touch up paint brush to paint over a scratch in a wall

    15. A set of wood-repairing markers and wax sticks if that annoyingly huge scratch on your lovely coffee table is your Joker origin story. Just take one of these markers and color over any imperfections. Once it's dry, your furniture will be free of any annoying scuffs, nicks, and scrapes!

    16. A tin of toxin-free wood polish made with beeswax, olive oil, and essential oils to give your furniture a natural shine!

    a tin of natural wood polish from pardo naturals

    17. A set of nickel cabinet drawer pulls and knobs to help bring your kitchen to the 21st century with its contemporary details. No offense to the rusting knobs you have now that were installed back when sliced bread was invented...

    two brushed nickel pulls and one brushed nickel knob

    18. Or, a set of solid brass cabinet drawer pulls and knobs if luxury living is more your speed. And their knurled texture adds a unique ~touch~ of elegance.

    three knurled solid brass pulls and three knurled solid brass knobs on a black surface

    19. A gallery wall set complete with seven varied frames so you can customize any wall in your home with pictures and artwork hung in an eye-catching array.

    the seven piece red barrel studio frame set mounted on a wall

    20. And a pack of Command strips because if you're anything like me (read: clumsy and bad at crafts), you're not gonna want to get a hammer and nails involved in hanging your gallery wall up.

    a four pack of white command strips

    21. A 60-piece tool set with everything from a power drill and bits to a level and tape measure so you'll have no more excuses to hide from the honey-do list you made for yourself.

    the complete 60 piece black and decker tool kit

    22. A sleek bidet from Tushy that'll not only help you save the planet (no trees = less pollution), but also save your bum from rough TP. It only takes 10 minutes to install and after that you're in for a healthier and fuller clean.

    reviewer image of the tushy classic bidet installed in a customer's toilet

    23. A set of dimmable under cabinet lighting strips so you can go to the kitchen for your midnight snack without facing the harshness of your overhead light. Each strip has adhesive backing, so need to whip out the tool belt for this project.

    reviewer image of under cabinet LED lights turned on in a customer's kitchen

    24. A set of metal furniture leg replacements to revamp your couch or dresser, because your aesthetic is constantly changing and your furniture needs to be able to keep up.

    close up of brass metal legs on a teal dresser

    25. A complete furniture transformation kit that doesn't require any sanding, stripping, or priming. Stain your furniture in three easy steps and enjoy having guests ask you how much you paid for that "brand new piece."

    box packaging for rust-oleum transformation kit

    26. A portable carpet cleaner with such great suction and scrubbing features, you'll be able to spot clean *any* stubborn stains making a home in your house.

    27. A gallon of self-priming paint made free of toxic solvents so you can upgrade your home knowing you haven't compromised your air quality. Not sure if you can commit to a gallon? Get a color swatch for just $2.

    28. A sturdy multi-use ladder you can easily configure to your needs. From a stairway stepladder to an extension ladder, you'll be able to change your lightbulbs, paint your ceilings, and level out those family portraits on your stairway wall.

    29. Chalkboard paint to turn any boring surface into a message board!

    reviewer image of garage door panel with chalkboard paint and a message that reads "welcome to our home" in chalk

    30. A pressure washer so you can hose the dirt and grime right off your car, boat, fence, patio, and more. You'll feel like a superhero blasting all that stubborn sludge away!

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