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    32 Pieces Of Loungewear That’ll Make You Feel Like Royalty

    Just because you're at home doesn't mean you can't look and feel good.

    1. A simple satin nightwear set will make you feel like the protagonist in the romcom that is your life! In this next act, you'll be dozing off to sleep and dreaming of the perfect meet-cute.

    reviewer image of a customer taking a bathroom selfie in the wineberry ekouaer sleepwear set

    2. Lightweight and laidback capri joggers with vertical pinstripes and ankle drawstrings offer ultimate style and comfort. And, sure, you can go for a run in these too if you're into that kinda thing.

    3. The Sabrina Nap Dress from Hill House Home – it's perfect for snoozing in style. Made of 100% cotton, this midi-length dress features a fitted waist and ruffled V-neck so you'll feel comfortable waking from your slumber and answering the door when your Drizly order arrives.

    a model walks in a field wearing the opaque sabrina nap dress

    4. A V-neck jersey nightgown playfully trimmed with floral lace to give you that cover-of-a-romance-novel feel while you're actually reading a romance novel.

    reviewer image of a customer taking a mirror selfie in the grey ekouaer chemise lace slip

    5. A classically stylish sweatshirt for any Lady Whistledown stans out there. Wear this on your third binge of Bridgerton to feel like a true patron of the arts.

    a model plays with their hair while wearing the lady whistledown's society papers sweatshirt in white

    6. A cozy three piece loungewear set that includes a matching cami, robe, and pair of pants. Yes, you *do* want a fancy and comfy uniform just to do puzzles in the living room.

    7. Wide-leg knit pants made of sweater cotton yarn so you know your legs will feel like they're on Cloud Nine. Oh, and of course they have pockets.

    a plus size model wearing the complete knit set in antique white

    8. A modest zip-front housecoat with pockets for all your lounging essentials: your phone, your Switch, your Roku remote, and/or some snacks.

    9. A pair of fleece-lined sweatpants if you're chillin' in more ways than one. You'll be living like a king in these warming joggers!

    nine pairs of flygo fleece joggers in different colors

    10. An oversized linen jumpsuit you'll fall in love with the second you put it on! Wear them to do chores around the house, then just toss a jacket on to run errands outside like the contemporary Cinderella you are.

    11. A luxurious satin kimono robe designed to make you feel like a cozy piece of art. It has removable waist-tie closures *and* inner ties so you can feel secure in this lightweight beauty.

    A model wears the KIM+ONO satin kimono robe in the plum Chrysanthemum & Crane design

    12. A pair of '70s-inspired french terry sweatpants hand-dyed to provide a uniquely singular blend of colors that only you'll experience. Does it get any richer than that?

    13. A breathable button-down nightgown as gentle as K.K Slider's guitar playing. Anyway, what's your Animal Crossing friend code?

    14. A luxe and lightweight sweatshirt tee dress that'll feel like a lush blanket but look like a classically cool 'fit.

    a model wearing the MWL Airyterry Sweatshirt Tee Dress in heather moss

    15. A breathable and absorbent waffle-knit robe you'll wanna drape yourself in right when you step out of the shower and then...never change out of.

    reviewer image of a customer taking a mirror selfie wearing the black Amazon Essentials Women's Lightweight Waffle Mid-Length Robe

    16. An oversized college-inspired sweatshirt dress if you feel nostalgic for the good ol' days but not the good ol' duds. Upgrade to this cute and comfy grey sweatshirt made by a Black designer.

    a model wearing the grey sweatshirt black designer sweatshirt dress

    17. A loose fitting two-piece sweatsuit for pulling off a casual slay.

    18. A timeless Victorian nightgown made with cotton so you can rest easy while you ~burn~ for The Duke.

    a model wearing the white victorian cotton square nightgown and holding a bouquet of tulips

    19. A casually chic maxi dress to help you feel like a princess while chugging that third cup of coffee.

    reviewer image of a customer wearing the army green DEARCASE short sleeve maxi dress outdoors

    20. A plunge V-neck bralette embroidered with exquisite lace will make spending hours of doom-scrolling feel like your hottest hobby.

    21. A sensuous velvet loungewear set that'll complement your dreams of being the next XOXO, Gossip Girl.

    22. A wireless and elastic V-neck bra with a lavish mesh inset that'll feel like you're wearing nothing but make you look out of this world!

    23. A velvet and satin long aubergine robe for getting your sleepy Jessica Rabbit on. Because you can be glamorous even while you're taking a catnap.

    24. A super soft and sweet cherry tee and matching cherry shorts made in collaboration with famously whimsical designer Betsey Johnson. Tie a cherry stem with your tongue while you lay back and live vicariously through the agile youth on Cobra Kai.

    25. A piping trimmed lounge jumpsuit if you're looking for pajamas that'll transition well to dinner dates. Because yeah, I'm assuming we're all in bed until, like, 8 p.m.

    a plus size model wearing the budoir stripe piping trimmed lounge jumpsuit

    26. A pair of wrinkle-resistant lounge pants you'll actually be disappointed your coworkers can't see (and compliment) during your Zoom meetings.

    27. An adorable pajama set ready to animatedly showcase your preciousness and make the whole wide world feel very UwU.

    28. A grape-colored pair of corduroy dungarees that are deliciously roomy and velvety!

    a model wearing the grape organic original corduroy dungarees

    29. A customizable velvet loungewear set complete with a lace bra, crop top, and high-waisted shorts for hibernating extravagantly.

    the layla velvet loungewear set laid out on the floor

    30. A matching oversized satin pajama set including a shirt and shorts so full of heart you'll always feel like you're wearing a comforting hug.

    31. Luxe yoga leggings for an incredibly soft and supportive fit with fun ruffled trim accents, because your Netflix binges are marathons and you should be treated like an athlete.

    32. A sweeping feather robe so you can finally let your inner diva out! You can even reach out to the seller to further customize the color, fabrics, and amount of feathers!

    You when people say you don't have to look good while lounging:

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