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    Peter Weber Made A TikTok With Kelley From "The Bachelor" And It Looks Like They're Quarantining Together

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    Pilot Pete's season of The Bachelor ended with him breaking off his engagement to Hannah Ann, then briefly getting back together with runner-up Madi, only to break up soon after. Then, he was spotted hanging out with Kelley from the show in late March.

    Peter, Kelley, and Dustin currently hanging at the Riverwalk in Chicago. Pics and videos are making the rounds so I’m sure you’ll be seeing these pop up on sites soon...

    It wasn't confirmed if they're a couple or not, but they were definitely not social distancing!

    ABC / Via

    Turns out it wasn't a one-time thing.

    Peter posted a video on TikTok joining in on the "Something New" dance craze, featuring a few friends and Kelley.

    Glad to see Peter & Kelley are at least inside now...

    The video, posted by account @m5peters, was mysteriously deleted, but made rounds on Twitter.

    Now, at this point of the coronavirus pandemic, most people are self-isolating. That means that if this video is recent, it's likely that they're quarantining together. They haven't confirmed they're a couple yet, but it would make perfect sense for them to be back on.

    ABC / Via

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