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    Peter Weber Is Allegedly Hanging Out With Kelley From "The Bachelor," And It Definitely Doesn't Look Like They're Social Distancing

    A bit closer than six feet apart.

    If you were concerned that this quarantine would be sorely lacking in Bachelor content, then think again! It seems like Hannah B isn't the only Bachelor lead hanging out with someone from their season. Pilot Pete, aka the dude who said he would go out with runner-up Madi less than three weeks ago, has allegedly been spotted with Kelley in Chicago:

    Peter, Kelley, and Dustin currently hanging at the Riverwalk in Chicago. Pics and videos are making the rounds so I’m sure you’ll be seeing these pop up on sites soon...

    Now I might not be an expert, but something tells me you have to be a little bit closer than six feet apart to pull off that move.

    Buena Vista Television

    Kelley met Pete before filming started, so it looked like she might be a frontrunner for a while.


    Alas, Pete sent her home right before hometowns — but not before she gave us plenty of amazing one-liners.


    Then, Kelley was randomly sitting in the live studio audience in the finale? With no real explanation?!


    And now they might be back together?! Were they talking this whole time, even when he was engaged to Hannah Ann? Were they supposed to get together the night of The Bachelor finale? I have so many questions!


    Let me know your theories in the comments!

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