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    Peter And Madison Are Officially Over After "The Bachelor" Finale

    Barb can finally be happy.

    Oh boy, this Bachelor journey for Pilot Pete has definitely been turbulent. In the finale, Peter ended his engagement to Hannah Ann and reunited with Madison – much to his mom Barb's dismay.


    Chris Harrison asked Peter if he wanted to give a relationship with Madison a shot, and he said they'd take it one step at a time. Though Barb caused plenty of drama, Peter and Madison seemed ready to explore their relationship.

    Well, now Barb can have some peace of mind. On Thursday night, Peter shared a lengthy Instagram post, revealing that he and Madi "mutually decided not to pursue [their] relationship any further."

    Madi shared a statement of her own, saying she'll "always love and respect him."

    In the first part of the finale, Madison had broken things off with Peter because she felt they were too different. She was brought back to the show when Peter realized he was still in love with her after getting engaged to Hannah Ann.


    So though it's sad to see them break things off for good, it's understandable that they couldn't make things work.

    As much as I hate admitting it, maybe Barb was right after all.