Courteney Cox and Her Daughter Coco Covered Demi Lovato's "Anyone" And It's Stunning

    They make such a great mother-daughter duo.

    If you've been following Courteney Cox's Instagram, you've seen her show off her piano-playing talents.

    She recently covered Brandi Carlile's "The Joke" with Snow Patrol lead Gary Lightbody, who is her partner Johnny McDaid's bandmate. She played the piano while he sang and played guitar.

    But on Saturday, she shared a particularly special cover, featuring her 15-year-old daughter, Coco. The mother-daughter duo covered Demi Lovato's "Anyone."

    It's the beautiful ballad about her struggles with addiction that Demi debuted at the 2020 Grammys. It written a few days before her apparent drug overdose in 2018.

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    Courteney and Coco make an incredible duo, and Coco has quite the voice! Clearly, I'm not the only one who thinks so. Tons of celebrities commented on the video, saying how much they loved it.

    My queen Laura Dern told Coco the cover is "GORGEOUS."

    Queer Eye's Tan France also remarked that Coco is a sweetheart.

    Charlize Freakin' Theron thought this cover was lit.

    Allison Janney thought it was beautiful.

    Former model Jill Vedder, who is married to Pearl Jam's Eddie Vedder, expressed her awe of Coco's voice.

    Please keep the covers coming, Courteney and Coco!