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    25 Effective Beauty Products From Target You'll Want To Recommend To All Your Friends

    There's no question that these products will get the job done. 😉

    1. A Tree Hut Body Butter created for folks in need of top-of-the-line nourishment. Made with shea butter and Moroccan argan and rosehip oils, this floral-scented offering wraps your skin in lasting moisture from neck-to-toe and leaves you with a gorgeous glow. This is what we call affordable luxury!💖

    A jar of body butter

    2. A Tigi hair waver that'll make you look at your heat-styling tools differently. This baby works like magic (word to Ariana Grande) to sculpt your tresses into a beach-wavy masterpiece that lasts for the long haul. Prepare to level up, boo!

    A person styling their purple hair

    3. An Urban Decay makeup setting spray considered to be the GOAT of its kind. Formulated with Patented Temperature Control Technology, this cult-favorite find is transfer-resistant, plus smudge- and waterproof. It locks your makeup in place like a vault and delivers a just-applied look that lasts from day to night.💕

    A person with a purple manicure holding a bottle of small and large makeup setting sprays

    4. A tube of Black Girl Sunscreen that's in a league of its own. This Black-owned find helps shield your skin from harmful sun rays without the pesky white cast and keeps your skin hydrated around the clock.

    A person squeezing out sunscreen

    5. A pack of press-on nails for anyone in need of a chic manicure in minutes. This beauty staple is the true epitome of DIY realness that helps you score a chip-, crack-free set that lasts just as long as your traditional option without the hefty salon bill.

    A person showing off pink nails

    6. A L'Oréal Glow Enhancer meant to bridge the gap between skincare and makeup. This allover luminizer has glycerin and shea butter that delivers all-day nourishment. Plus, it works like a charm to help you glow like a disco ball from the inside out. Wear it under foundation, over makeup, solo, or on targeted areas to glow like you're supposed to!✨

    A tube of liquid highlighter

    7. A Dove body wash because giving your skin extra TLC with gentle cleansing and hydration is a must for healthy-looking skin. This pick is infused with cherry and chia milk and micromoisture droplets that cover every inch of your skin with nourishment and turns your shower into a garden-like oasis.🌺

    A bottle of body wash

    8. A cleansing conditioner, by actress Taraji P. Henson, designed with textured hair types in mind. This shea butter-rich essential comes in clutch to cleanse, condition, detangle, and nourish all in one step for days when long wash routines are not on the agenda. Recognize a must-have when you see it!

    A bottle of cowash with shea butter, plant leaves, and plant seeds

    9. An Olive & June Cuticle Serum created to impart moisture on your cuticles and nails whenever you need it. Thanks to its soft-foam tip and pen construction, you can supply your nails with instant moisture sans the mess-free application.💕

    A person applying nail serum

    10. A Mielle Organics scalp and hair oil that has earned a huge cult-following thanks to textured hair mavens. This Black-owned offering features a blend of 30-plus oils and biotin that helps nourish and strengthen your mane, promote hair growth, and give your scalp and tresses the pick-me-up they need.

    A bottle of hair and scalp oil

    11. A Maybelline setting powder you can count on to take your makeup game up a few notches. This pick helps to set your makeup in place with a matte finish, controls shine, extends the wear of your makeup, and gives your face a picture-perfect finish. What else do you need?

    A loose powder compact with bananas

    12. An E.l.f. Cosmetics face cream reviewers love because it delivers supreme levels of moisture to all skin types. This lightweight formula is made with hyaluronic acid, squalane, niacinamide, and peptides that help brighten, even skin tone, and keep your skin moisturized without reapplication.

    A person applying moisturizer to their face

    13. A Not Your Mother's dry shampoo for folks looking to refresh their manes in between wash days. This pick soaks up excess oils, removes impurities, and adds some volume into the mix for a faux fresh-out-of-the-salon look.

    A person holding a bottle of dry shampoo

    14. A pair of reusable exfoliating gloves meant to help you remove all signs of dead, dry skin with gentle exfoliation. This pick pairs perfectly with body gels, scrubs, washes, and more to provide spa-quality cleansing in the comfort of your home.

    A person wearing an exfoliating glove while holding a sunflower

    15. A tube of hand lotion for anyone at their wits end with dry and cracked hands. This number features a mix of hyaluronic acid, vitamin B3, and cocoa butter that deeply penetrate skin to provide softness and give parched skin a drink of moisture.💕

    A person showing off soft hands

    16. A pack of Hero Cosmetics skin patches designed to help you rethink your pimple-popping routine. Each patch works like Houdini to remove debris and gunk from your blemishes as you sleep, leaving you with clearer-looking skin in the morning. In other words, stock up darlings!

    A person peeling off skin patches

    17. A Milani blush meant to make your cheekbones the standout in your beauty look. This small and compact find has a buildable formula that offers a natural to bold flush of color with a tinge of illumination. Glow on, boo!✨

    A set of blush swatches on different skin tones

    18. A bottle of Dr. Teal's foaming bubble bath formulated to elevate your bath time routine. This essential oil-rich number gently cleanses your skin, helps soothe tense muscles, and helps relax your mind and your senses. Say it with us...SPA Day!!!!

    A bottle of foaming bath placed next to a candle on a wood stool.

    19. An Ella + Mila soy nail polish remover that gives your nails and cuticles the royal treatment. This pick removes all traces of nail polish without drying out your skin, moisturizes your nails, and keeps your cuticles in mint condition.💕

    A bottle of nail polish remover

    20. A L'Oréal Paris wonder water treatment formulated to restore your tresses back to their former glory. In just EIGHT seconds, this product works to transform damaged and unruly strands into a silky-smooth masterpiece. Plus, it's suitable for all hair types. Join the wave loves!

    A bottle of hair treatment

    21. A Dove body polish scrub designed to show dull-looking skin who's boss. Made with macadamia, rice milk, and moisturizing cream, this number gently exfoliates dead skin, envelops skin with moisture, and gives your skin a radiant appearance.

    A person applying body polish to their skin

    22. A Shea Moisture leave-in conditioner that is liquid gold for curly, coily, and wavy hair types. Featuring a mix of Manuka honey and shea butter, this essential seeps deeply into your strands to revive your mane with moisture and strength for a healthy finish. Add this to your cart STAT!💖

    A bottle of leave-in conditioner, a bowl of yogurt, and honey

    23. A bottle of Lubriderm lotion for folks tackling severely dry skin. This pick is formulated with vitamins B5 and E, and lipids that work overtime to hydrate, replenish, and strengthen the skin's moisture barrier. Dry skin? Don't know her!

    A person applying lotion to their skin

    24. A L'Oréal root cover up spray that plays well with colored manes. This lightweight formula makeups touch-ups a breeze since it provides seamless coverage that lasts well until your next shampoo. Cancel the salon appointment, love!💖

    A bottle of root cover-up spray wit a before and after image of a person's head

    25. And an IT Cosmetics tinted moisturizer for days when you'd prefer a lighter makeup look. This makeup-meets-skincare offering instantly hydrates, offers sun protection and provides even coverage to mask the look of imperfections. Hello, makeup BFF!

    A person applying tinted moisturizer to their face

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