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This First Kiss Parody From Saudi Arabia Shows Men Touching Noses For The First Time

"You better cover your face with your hair so they don't recognize you."

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Adding to the growing list of First Kiss parodies, here's one from Saudi Arabia featuring men greeting each other with their noses for the first time.

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Nose-rubbing is a tribal custom among the Bedouins and is a greeting that expresses friendship, respect and pride between Arab men.

While it is still practiced in the Gulf region, the men in this video clearly aren't used to rubbing or kissing their noses. The results are hilariously endearing.

At first, they made small talk to break the ice.

They discussed the technical aspects of nose-kissing.

Some of them didn't quite know how to react.

These guys decided to "warm up" by greeting each other normally.

Others had a few intimacy issues.

This guy with the drink kind of got into it at first.

Some just went for it in a no-nonsense kind of way.

But others really made the moment count.

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